Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Look Ahead

August is here. And I think I might just register for a half marathon.

The last day to register at a reduced rate of $40 is August 23. I think I am going to wait a few more weeks before I officially turn in my registration. 
I believe I am ready for one. I am itching to do one, actually. It may not be pretty, but I just want to cross the finish line and get a finisher's medal. I like blings that I have to work for.

My concerns/hesitations:
I have no idea what that place looks like. No idea about elevation and there isn't an elevation map of the course on the Internet.  I don't know what the temperature will be like either.  Lastly, I think I might be running alone. It will be my first half marathon and finishing alone seems a little blah. I have always envisioned finishing it with a few people I know, eating breakfast and just feeling happy and accomplished.

Regardless of actually running a half or not, I am starting my training anyway! I have done that 2 times already. I failed the first time because my knee wasn't cooperating. I think it was a case of too much, too fast. I finished a second training for Nashville's (which I didn't run because logistically, it just wasn't practical).  So, I am going to start training for my 3rd half marathon training. If I stick to the plan, I would be ready on this Soaring Wings half marathon, if I chose to run it.  Do you have a favorite plan to follow? I am looking at Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training for Novice. The longest run is a 10-miler. Do you think that is enough?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Should I do Soaring Wings, even though I have no idea what it will be like?  How's Hal's training program?  What would you do?


  1. Whooo Hooooo! Go for it! I have trained twice also and so far, I have not run one! (Well, I did 20 years ago)
    It would be fun to have friends at the end to go to breakfast with, but you will be thrilled, even if you are alone!
    I'm excited for you!=)

  2. Do it! I followed that training program and it was enough. The day of you'll be filled with energy and adrenaline to carry you to the finish line!

  3. It depends what kind of half-marathon you want to have. For me, the experience is better if i can do a 12 mile run about 3 weeks out from the race. But a max run of 10 will get you across the finish line.

  4. Don't worry about the half marathon, you are more than ready for it!! The weather is easy, just google the city and the month and they give you averages. Maybe you can even google the race and find some reviews, maybe some other blogger ran it before :) Good luck!!

  5. Hello! I am a new follower! I look forward to reading more of your posts! Feel free to check out my blog too...I have 6 current giveaways going on too!

  6. I followed Hal Higdon's novice plan when I did the Disney Princess Half this year. It worked well and I finished, almost faster than I thought I would. Also, it sounds like you're in better shape now than I was when I started the 12-wk program, so I don't think you'd have a problem.

    go for it!!!

  7. You've just got to register. It's worth it.
    I've never done Hal Higgdon's. But I'm doing Jeff Galloway's plan for my third go round of training. I like it. I'm not sure I'd feel comforable only running 10mi pre-race. But I've not looked at the plan so I don't know how many times you run that distance.

  8. I see you noticed my half-marathon training plan on my blog already! I am doing my first half in October and I signed up hubby too without his permission. ;) I'm going to set him up to start training next week. He is way faster than me so no matter how I look at it I'll be running it alone but all I expect is to cross the finish line and get a medal! Then I'll have a PR time to add to my blog, no matter what it is. Congrats on your decision! So exciting!


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