Thursday, August 12, 2010

This is how I roll.

I ran Thursday's run on Wednesday, thinking I'll run Wednesday's run today. Guess what?
I ran Saturday's long run today. Yep. I tackled the 6 miles scheduled for Saturday today. And because I was feeling quite good, I actually threw in another 0.2 miles to round it up to a nice 10K. 

Total Ran: 6.2 miles in 66:12 minutes

I felt pretty good during today's run, despite feeling a tad sleepy. I was just going to finish 4 miles today, but about 2 miles into it, I fantasized, just briefly, about running 6 miles today.  Then, my tummy was not feeling happy. So, I told myself to suck it up and finish the 4 miles so I can go home.  However, somehow, I talked myself into using the restroom when I finished 3 miles, go do whatever I need to do, come back and run another 3 miles.  Pretty good deal I made with myself, I thought.

I did. It didn't take me too long in the bathroom, so I'll treat it as a walking break.  I came back and finished up the 3 miles. I finished strongly, with a sense of pride and with a happy tummy!

So, I guess, I'll do Wednesday's 3-miler on Saturday then. :)

In Other Matters:  Some of the comments on my last post (where I demonstrate my mighty ability at being efficient) ask about my occupation. 
I am an early childhood speech-language pathologist. I work for a education cooperative in Arkansas and travel to different Head Start schools, private and regular preschools/daycares to work with kids. I love my job.

I just want to share with you how happy and proud I am of myself. I never imagined I will ever just run 10K just for the heck of it on any given day. I'm not Speedy Gonzales, but still, 10K is quite a feat for me.
So, my question to you is:  At what point in your running life/career did you go "WOW!" about your running? 


  1. Congrats on your 6 miles! Doing something that you never thought you could accomplish is such a huge confidence booster!

  2. When I ran the Bix 7 in Davenport, IA. It's all up and down along the Mississippi River bluffs and is a challenge! I was in college the only time I ran it and I thought WOW! I was so impressed with myself. :)

  3. Great, great job on the run!! And especially the fact that you made it a 10K. You are rockin' that treadmill.

  4. Great job on the 10k! That's my favorite distance :-)

  5. Interesting job... do you work year round, or do you have summers off? I teach middle school, and have a couple of weeks left before heading back to work. I'll have to be more flexible with my running plans soon :)

  6. Congrats on your 10km. I think as you go through your running career you will have a series of WOW points - My first WOW was completing my first race and the fact that I actually finished - later when I started competing it was a WOW factor that I was able to compete with and against good club runners. Another WOW was being picked to represent Great Britain but some of the best WOW's are on clear bright mornings running on your own in the countryside just enjoying the feeling of moving and being alive!

  7. great job on the 6 miler!! that is awesome.
    i love when ppl ask me what i did yesterday or this morning and you cn answer 'oh i just ran 10 k".
    that feels good!

  8. great job on your 10K!

    I think I went WOW when (during half marathon training) one day I thought to myself, I'm ONLY running 8 miles today. (since when is 8 miles and ONLY??).

    hopefully i'll get there again sometime...

  9. I'm so proud of you. Your motivation is amazing, you are doing soo good!! Keep it up!!

  10. Found you while blog surfing.

    I haven't been running very long, but every time I accomplish something new is a WOW moment for me. I ran my first 5K in April, and while I never, ever thought I'd be a runner, now I'm training for a half marathon. I'm not fast, but I can finish, and that's enough for me at this point.

    P.S. As a special ed teacher, I work closely with a few SLPs. You guys rock.

  11. The first time I ran 5mi. I felt that way. I could believe I could do 5mi all at once.


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