Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Girl Power

It was a little over 5:30 a.m. and no one showed up to run.  Hmmm. I was worried and yes, I thought briefly to myself that I was gonna go on home and roll back into bed. 

I hung around for a few more minutes because I saw a man who appeared to be waiting for someone. So I asked him if he is waiting for so-and-so. Ah. He was waiting for Mr. R.  And then, Mr. R rolled up in his truck and apologized for being a little late. Thank goodness he showed up because I would have went home and slept! Lazy bones, I know.

I asked where we are running/how far etc. And when he said he was gonna run for about 1 hour, I just said, "OK. Let's do it." I love saying that. I am kinda proud of myself for working up to this stage where a 4 or 5 mile run is just a mere 4 or 5 mile run. I feel strong. I feel capable. I feel fit.  And I really like this feeling.

The route was quite ok. It was too dark to see the sights. At one point, I thought I smelled Christian Dior's Fahrenheit cologne. I think I also detected a faint skunky smell too. We had a few dogs bark at us. But let me tell you, it is great running with people, especially men, because they take care of all these scary dogs!
Mr. R ran a good pace. It was faster than when Ms. M was running with us, but it wasn't that fast until I can't keep up. It was more of my usual pace. I felt strong running alongside with them. I never felt like I was behind.

So, here are the splits.

Mile 1 - 11:37
Mile 2 - 11:22
Milie 3 - 11:44
Mile 4 - 11:33
0.6 mile - 11:21
Total: 4.61 miles - 53:08 min


  1. YOU GO GIRL! (i dont usually use that expression, but it seems to fit very well for this post)



  3. Great going! running in a group will help you so much

  4. 5:30am run...now that's impressive!!
    nice job;)

  5. I enjoy running with men too coz they really take care of you. Great job! =)

    I'm a new reader/follower. Hope you can drop my blog as well =)

  6. I'm glad they showed up! Nice run!


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