Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  1. Ran with Mr. R, Ms. M, and younger dude at 5:30 a.m. Thank goodness I have a group to meet for a run because the legs certainly didn't feel like it today. We did 3.35 miles in 40:32 minutes. Not fast but it is done and I was glad.
  2. Present for Moi. Well, this is sorta kinda running-related. I bought an iPhone 4 and it came in. It is running related because I will be carrying this phone to run when I am alone and will probably be using this phone to snap running-related photos. Now, the question is, what case should I get to protect it? I am a klutz. I drop everything. Sometimes I even drop myself. No kidding.
  3. I Ask, You Answer. If I were to run a half marathon on 10/10/10 that leaves me exactly 3 weeks before the race and 2 weeks to taper. My ankles are still feeling a tad stiff after the 11-miler on Sunday. My knees aren't too bad but I know that if I run a 10-miler or more this weekend, I'm afraid something will happen. (Isn't it amazing how we get so attuned to our bodies?)  Mentally, I know that I'll be OK if I were to go and run some 13 miles with some fresh legs. So the million dollar questions are: Do I scale back a little for the next two weeks? How many miles would you - the more experienced runners - recommend this rookie to do for the next two weeks? 
    Thanks for reading! Have a great Friday eve!


  1. I think you should definitely go for the 13 this weekend and still keep your mileage up the coming week. That still leaves you 2 weeks of tapering, which is plenty, if not too much. My two cents!

  2. hmmm, not an expert, but I getting a good vibe from misszippy!

  3. I would do 11 or 12 miles and see how your body feels. If you feel good, go for 13! :)

  4. GET A PLASTIC HARD CASE. It saves my phone so much!

    Good Luck with your running schedule! :)

  5. You have 3 weeks until the race? I'd run 11 or 12 this weekend. Then 6 next weekend. Then the race the following weekend.

  6. As long as your knes and ankles are ok I would keep the mileage this weekend but then a staedy few days before youstart to taper towards the race over the last week or week and half depending how you feel - reduce long run next weekend to say 6 to 8 miles.

  7. u have 3 weekends right? the 3rd weekend is ur half?
    i would do another 11 miles again, or if u cant do 11, do 10. then u can have 2 full weeks of taper and just do a few 3 or 4 milers during the week.

    for my first 3 half marathons, i never ran more than 10 miles during my training runs.
    i think u will b ok. u will do great! good luck!

  8. I have a Seidio case for my 3gs iphone. I'm a dropper. Do it all the time. Phone has survived for 1.5yrs so it should be ok.


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