Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Back in the Game, Baby!

Ooooooooh yeah!
And it feels so good! 
AND woo hooo! Today's 10 miles put me at 500 miles for the year!  Now that's a milestone without driving me to the gravestone.

The weather Web site has it at 45 degrees when I started this morning at 7 a.m. It was kinda nippy. I got my good ol' trusty el cheapo capri and a Nike short-sleeved tech T that my boyfriend's step mom got me for my last birthday. I had goosebumps but I know I will warm up eventually, especially when the sun is up.  I drove to the meeting point and Ms. M was already there waiting for me. O0ps! I hate for people to wait on me.

We did 5 miles together at an easy pace. We ran through a little bitty city park that has a new extension to its existing walking trail. It was 0.5 mile and it was nice. It kinda meander around some trees. I picture kids playing there. Picnics. I love picnics. People ought to do more picnicking around here!
12:53/mile (Stopped back at my vehicle, grabbed a drink, grabbed my Gu Chomps and my phone. The Garmin run the entire time) 

These strawberry Gu Chomps were delicious! I love gummy bears, gummy candy. So, yum! These weren't tooth-decay, sickly sweet. In fact, it has a little tartness to it. Yum! I have a pack of orange ones that I will use for my next long run.

After that, off I went to finish off the remaining 5 by myself.
Total: 10.24 miles in 2:03 minutes
It was a comfortable pace. I enjoyed every bit of it. I didn't feel rushed. I didn't feel too too tired. I kept chomping down the Gu Chomps though. It was like, "run another quarter of a mile and you get a piece of candy."  I had quite a number of random thoughts during this part of my run.

1. Cows. I smell cow. That's quite a big piece of doodoo!

2. Imagine walking on that pasture with high heels shoes.

3. I miss Scotland. Scottish highlands. Cows. Castles. Braveheart. Buttery shortbreads.

4. These Gu Chomps will not work well when it is hot. It's gonna get really sticky.

5. If only they coat these Chomps with those sour citric acid powder. You know, like those sour candies. That will provide some "powder" to prevent the stickiness.

6. I hate sticky fingers.

7. Gonna be wearing this outfit for my half. It's not fashion forward. But it works.

8. Gonna ask the boyfriend's step mom where she bought this top. Gonna stock up on those.

9. Pancakes. Should I go to McDonalds or should I make it myself.

10. Ms. M doesn't know I want to do a half next week. :) She is looking out for me. She said the course at this place is a little hilly. And was worried that I'll hurt myself. But, hmm .. I think I am stubborn. :)

11. I will have reasonable expectations of myself and of this race. Really. I do.

12. I did a bunch of math in my head. I am a pencil and paper kinda girl when it comes to working math. So, this is quite a feat. I figured that if I did 10 miles in 2 hours, I can definitely do 3.1 miles in less than 45 minutes, so that will put me somewhere along the line of a 2 hr 45 minutes finish time or a tad sooner.

13. I love running! I love running! I love running!

Talk to me. About anything really. You like Chomps? What flavor? Do you do picnics? What funny/off the wall random thoughts did you have when you ran today or yesterday?


  1. You Rock! That is sooooo coool that you're back in the romance!

    (hmmm ... I haven't had MacD's pancakes in a while! ... maybe tomorrow)

  2. hahaha! cute random thoughts. I'd have to write down mine to remember all of them. LOL! Reall sounds like you had a nice run! Enjoy the rest of the weekend =)

  3. I only every ate orange flavored chomps - they were a little more gooey than jube jubes.

    Picnics are good - but rare these days ... we end up doing a detour somewhere and sit together away from the world and feel very lucky to have like 30 mins. once a week.

  4. mmmmmmm pancakes.

    glad the 10 went well. wooooohoooo!!

  5. Sounds like a great run! Glad you got out there and had a good one! And I'm so with you on Strawberry Chomps - love 'em!!

  6. The random thoughts are back - missed them :)

    Try the sport beans, they are not as sticky and taste yummy too :)

    I'm soo happy to read you had a really good run and you are BACK! You need to do the half marathon next weekend. You are READY! :) Go for it :)

  7. yesssss! awesome! good job.
    im happy that u r back!

    i like Gu Chomps. I like the Blueberry flavour.

  8. 13 random thoughts as you prepare for the half... love it! glad you had a good 10 miles. I know you'll do great for 13.1!

  9. Congrats on 10 great miles! You are going to ROCK the SOCKS off your half!!!


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