Sunday, October 17, 2010

Runner's Shopping Spree and Shout-outs.

Happy Sunday! 

I was glad I got my long run out of the way Saturday morning because I went to a wedding last night and had an extra glass or two of wine. Today, I don't exactly have a hangover. But I just feel a little blah. 

To undo the blah ... Here's what I did.  
I went a little crazy with my online shopping spree.

I signed up for the Soaring Wings Half Marathon that's scheduled for next Saturday. 
This might be the Running Gods' wishes anyway. This is the race that I had been eyeing since April 2010 when logistics didn't work out for a race I had wanted to do. 

And if that hasn't got the blood pumping and the heart racing, I also took the plunge and committed myself to .....

That will be on Valentine's Day eve next year. I will be running with two friends from J-school. And hopefully, I will finally get to meet up with a bloggy friend - Megan. Don't forget to stop by her blog today to check out what's cooking over in Luling, LA. :)

Stop by this Running Man Wannabe's blog to check him out and give him some virtual hi-fives.
I don't think he is a "wannabe" anymore.

And with all the Christmas decorations items up in stores before Halloween is here, I kinda started making a "wish list."
Wish #1: Three half marathons next year  (2011)
Wish #2: One 10K race
Wish #3: Start feeling it for a full marathon. 

Stop by Christine's blog to give her some tapering assurances and soothe her taper jitters.
She will be running her first full marathon in 14 days! YOU GO, Christine!

My virtual running buddy, Aneta, is running her first marathon today. Do check out her blog and congratulate her. I figured she will post something after she rested a little. 


  1. WoooHOooo!! You're running the half next weekend!

  2. I always do my long runs on Saturday for that reason... a little license to indulge on Sat. night! Sounds like some good goals to me.

  3. Yay on the half for next weekend!!

    And I like your wish's got me thinking :)

  4. congrats on all the shopping!! lol

    i did it! i finished. thank you for the shout out! :)

  5. Thanks for the shout out, I need it, I'm getting really nervous :)

    Wohhhooooo for signing up for 2 half marathons!! You are READY and you will have a lot of FUN. Watch out, you will get hooked!! :)

    It's funny I eyed the New Orleans RnR and also Little Rock. I will write it in my long list of half marathons and it would be awesome if we could meet up! I'll keep you updated :)

  6. this is a cute post;-) love all the shout outs.

    and cool to do 3 half's next year. you can do it, you can do it!;-)

  7. yay for commitments!! congrats! :)

  8. Whoo hoo! Congrats on taking the plunge - you're going to do awesome ;) Can't wait to follow the training!


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