Sunday, November 28, 2010

I read coffee.

Ran 8.22 miles in 1:29. 

T'was an eventful morning. 

Met up with Mr. R and Mr. J for a run this a.m.  It was about 32 degrees this a.m.  Wore my cottony long sleeve outer layer, a Nike long-sleeved top, a tank top underneath that, a pair of long pants and my one and only fleece beanie.

We ran. Every step was a brutal reminder of all the yummies I had eaten since Wednesday.  Trust me, I skipped many dishes and only ate the ones that I truly truly enjoy. Even that proved to be too much.
At mile 5, we were back at the Y. That's when I realized I wore my beanie inside out.  Oh well. I took off my cottony outer layer and my beanie and took a swig of water. Mr. J and I agreed to run another small loop and see how we feel.  Then, I realized that I wore my Nike top backside front. Goof ball.
We were back at the Y and decided to do another slightly bigger loop. That did it for me. I was determine to do more than last week's 7 miles. And boy, I am glad that we did over 8 miles.  Not the 12 miles I fantasized about doing, but with the slight discomfort in my knee and shin and with a too-big belly, I'll take 8.  

People read tea leaves. I read coffee. 
This one says "You need to go to that Nike superstore and buy you more long-sleeve tops."

I also read chocolate milk. 
This one says "Get your calendar out and start planning your training for RnR Mardi Gras"

I also read orange juice. 
It says "It is going to get really stressful with work, holiday preparations and family, so be sure to smile and be pleasant even though you get too wound up and overwhelmed." 


  1. Great job on doing those extra loops, even though most of your outfit was inside out.

  2. Hahaha, you make me smile with the way you dressed! :) Don't worry, that's normal! Who can function a 100% on a Sunday morning at 7am? :)
    Love the coffee, hot chocolate and orange juice reading. I might try that as well! :)

  3. Great job with your clothes! I've totally done that before, and I seem to never notice until I'm heading home. Doh!

  4. You crack me up. :) Glad you still got a long run in on this holiday weekend!

  5. I need to start looking at my coffee. I want to go to a Nike superstore. I wore pants backwards once at gym. Didn't know it till I got home. Another day I wore a shirt inside out the whole time. Oh well!

  6. hahah thats funny!
    great post.
    greta run!

  7. Nice job on 8 miles. Way to beat last week's mileage.

  8. where are you these days?

  9. I'm a new follower, and this cracked me up. :)


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