Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Run and Random Thoughts

Pre-Run:  Alarm clock woke me up at 5:08 a.m. Yes, I set my alarm clock in a weird way. I took a step outside to get a feel of the temperature. It is crazy that the inside of the house is cooler than the outside of the house.  Time to drag the Nike tempo shorts and tank top out of the "hot running gear" section.  I didn't have time to make a PBJ sandwich, so I grabbed one of those Snickers marathon bar (I only ate half of it).

Run: It was about 67 degrees F when we started running. It was just Mr. R and me. My right knee has been hurting since Monday morning. The ankles felt stiff. Not exactly the ankles, but the muscles right above the ankles and not the calves. We did a small 1-mile loop and a 5K route and it was 3.97 miles. Finished it in 43:27 minutes. Not too bad since there were some inclines involved. There's one gradual incline that spans about a couple of blocks. I probably should count the number of houses are on that incline to divert my attention next time.  After that, we got slapped again by a brief, slightly steeper incline. But then again, my steep isn't like your Colorado steep. You'd probably think I am such a wimp!

Random Thoughts:
  1. When two people are running, you really have to start talking. It is easier when there were 3 of us because Mr. R and Ms. M would usually do the talking.  I'm more reserved and quiet. I was brought up that way. My mom and dad taught us not to talk when other people are talking. My brother and I were perfectly well-behaved kids when we were little - that's before we hit puberty.
  2. News, current affairs, controversies are good conversation topics. Well, don't discuss Roe v. Wade or Creationism vs. Evolution. I'm talking about pat downs/security scans at the airports, Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas, and where the heck is my 30+ degrees F Thanksgiving weather.
  3. Michael Jackson's Billie Jean kept playing in my head this morning.  It sounds like he is hiccuping as he was singing the song, doesn't it?
  4. Need to ice those ankles and knee. 
  5. I chopped 6 cups of celery last night and 2 cups of onions. Gonna chop more onions and bell peppers and start cooking.
  6. Twelve weeks to RnR Mardi Gras New Orleans! :) Talk about commitment. 
  7. I'll run 900 km today. That's over 560 miles. I'll have 100 km left for the year.
  8. Yes. I am excited about that! I'm looking forward to hit 1000 km. :) 
  9. Not gonna walk. Not gonna walk. Not gonna walk.
  10. I guess, if I blurt out my random thoughts, I would have quite a lot to talk about, don't you think?
Now, tell me at least one random thought you had today while you were running or working out. You gotto have one! Share!


  1. we talked about pat downs and airport security on our long run this past weekend too.

  2. My random thought for today as I watched the man next to me on the treadmill... "I wonder if I'll be running when I'm 85?" He was more like 70, but I couldn't help but wonder.

  3. My friends and I find that our running chat inevitably turns to food!

    My random workout thought today--Why is there so much paid programming on at 5:30 a.m.? I was on the treadmill, searching for something to hold my attention!

  4. Going to hit the streets after work today with a fellow teacher. Not sure what I'll think about, but I'm sure we'll have plenty of school stories to share, as well as details about our Thanksgiving plans. I'm looking forward to it!

  5. Ha! I count houses as a distraction sometimes. I'm always wishing I had more people to run with, but I never thought of all of that pressure to keep a conversation going - that can be a challenge sometimes!

  6. good job hun!

    i always set my alarm clock to weird times, usually 6:12 for work. hahahha

  7. If I can find a human being within earshot, I will talk the entire run... 1 mile or 20 miles... I'm a talker... it's so distracting and I perform way better.

  8. I remember how happy I was when I hit 1,000KM. You go girl! just 100 left =) that's like 2 marathons and one 8K rung =)

  9. My random thought - so happy that Love Shack came up on the rotation on my mp3 player that I reminisced for much of my run about Love Shack and college parties and bad karaoke. :) Ah, B-52s... :)

  10. My friend and I were working out on the elliptical trainer and we talked a lot about our teenager daughters....and them on birth control. Eeekks!!

    Crossing fingers your knee and ankles are better soon!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving :).

    Oh, and I'm doing a holiday blog gift exchange - if interested, please pop on over.

  11. My random thought was: my butt still hurts. Just run super fast, then the pain goes by fast too. It worked! :) Happy thanksgiving!!


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