Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Thoughts ....

Last week, I was oozing awesomeness. This week, hahaha. Let's just say, I oozed out all the awesomeness last week and I was left with thick, sludgy sludge this week. I ran finally, after a week of not running.

It has been a rough week. It was a week of scoring and analyzing speech samples, typing speech reports, working on IEPs, calling and hunting down parents, driving from one town to another, meeting with teachers, and seeing kids for therapy with the very little amount of time left.  Ok, you didn't come here to read about my work.

Ran 7 miles in 1 hr 17 minutes. Still kinda incline-y. My legs felt the hills. I desperately need to strengthen my quads and hamstrings.

Random Thoughts:
  1. Pre-run PBJ sandwich is important. Never miss this fuel in the future.
  2. When it is 50 degrees, I don't need to wear what I wore when it was in the 30s. 
  3. But I want to buy a running jacket kinda thing. 
  4. I need to run 2 short runs during the weekdays to keep the steam going.
  5. It is foggy this morning. 
  6. So foggy I can't see the monster incline.
  7. You can't see it, but you can feel it. 
  8. I wanted to walk about 1-tree distance. But I didn't. 
  9. Back at the Y. Let's run a little bit more to make it 7 miles.
  10. Never Never Never run without eating my PBJ anymore.
I got a run planned for Thursday and Sunday next week. :) So, I'll be more disciplined then.
Since we are so close to Thanksgiving, today, I am thankful for running friends and for my legs that will let me run.


  1. PBJ is great pre-run food, I agree! Great job getting through the run. I like to tell myself that a bad run or bad week simply means I've used up the bad ones for a while. Only good runs from now on!

  2. I've been having an off-week with running, too. My last two runs were 9 mi apiece, but those are the only real runs I've done. I want to get my base mileage up to 40 mi/week, but I've been stuck at half that the past two weeks. Yuck. I guess our bodies are just still recovering from building up and peaking this season. It sounds like you have a good week ahead of you! Good for you for not walking - the mental battle is HUGE. :) Did you take a real break to let your body recover after this season? One week off sounds good!

  3. PB&Js are my favourite pre-run. Totally on white bread too with no guilt. I've been reading your blog for a while and just became an official follower. Love it!

  4. Sometimes you just need a week off and that's totally fine. Good job on getting back to running today and run 7 miles without walking! :)

  5. Everyone inmy house (excpet me) is allergic to nuts! PBJ is great for pre-run fuel, though.

    Good job on the run. Must be something about November. Maybe it's the time chance, but I haven't been feeling it either lately.

  6. PB and J is a staple over here! =)

  7. Good job on the long distance run. It would be nice to run through the fog, I never did it.


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