Saturday, December 4, 2010

Buy me a vial of motivation

Hey! Just a quick post.
Argh! I lied. Didn't run Thursday.
I think I need to buy some motivation.
I'm going shopping at a Nike superstore today.
Will share my loot later.
Happy running!


  1. maybe you'll find motivation in the way of new nike merchandise!

  2. Buying new stuff always motivates me, have fun!

  3. Love the quick post. That's how I feel and that's where I'm at.... need a good old push out the door. It's been a week since my last run.

  4. Shopping, especially at the Nike store is a great way to get motivated, because you wanna show off your new stuff! LOL

  5. There's nothing better than shopping! (And I don't know if you're into Running skirts, but is having a big sale on their stuff... I always feel motivated to run in their running skirt because I look so darn cute and girly.

  6. cant wait to see what you bought!


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