Thursday, December 23, 2010

Don't get caught semi-naked.

I'm just going to be random today. These aren't just those usual random thoughts during my run but also random thoughts as I sit here typing this post. We'll see how far down the list you are gonna stay with me.

  1. Wow! This is my 200th post!
  2. Late again (3 minutes) for my group run. Can't find the Garmin and realized I left it in my boyfriend's office at work. 
  3. I'm gonna feel so naked during my run.
  4. The running partners depend on me (well, my Garmin) to tell them how far we ran. 
  5. Boyfriend told me "Babe, it's cold outside" when I was stumbling around for running clothes this a.m. 
  6. "I don't think so" was my instant silent counter-statement. I wore summer clothes yesterday. So how can it be freezing cold this morning.
  7. Never ever doubt what THAT  man says. 
  8. Dang. One long-sleeved top + one long bottom  + a pair of gloves - No beanie - No Garmin (see how much I rely on my Garmin) = 1 semi-naked run. 
  9. I'm usually the slower one. Today, I kinda booked it. Let's get this sucker over and done with.
  10. We talked about cookies during our run. I HAVEN'T done any holiday baking. Not because I am a grinch/scrooge, but I am trying to avoid eating them. 
  11. Out of sight, out of mind. Since Thanksgiving, I have only put on 1 lb. Not too shabby!
  12. Holy begeegamolly! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!
  13. That Christmas present for the boyfriend better come soon.  
  14. I'm not going to hit "snooze" on my alarm next time. I'm going to be 5 minutes early and wait on others. 
  15. I'm gonna sleep in on Christmas and run the day after. 
  16. I'm still short on two 10-ish year-old girls presents. SUGGESTIONS please!
  17. Paddy Wag apparently loves to do her stinky on concrete floor (outside in the courtyard). She has 100 acres of land to wander and run and do her stinky, she chose this special spot. I guess the grass tickle her bottom.  But, how do I get her to stop doing that??? 
  18. This may answer Aneta's question regarding the FULL marathon.  Nope. No full in 2011. I'm going to do it in 2012 (if I can wait that long). I want to do it on my birthday weekend, or rather, on my birthday, in November 2012. 
  19. Adios! Feliz Navidad if I don't blog before then. (Which I highly doubt).
  20. Gonna end this with a Christmas card from a blogger in Canada.


  1. happy 200th post! Gosh, I cannot imagine running without my Garmin. It just completes me, haha ;p

  2. Haha, it really is hard to imagine going without a Garmin! Sometimes I run without looking at my Garmin, but that's totally different. I love having the info at the end. I understand the naked feeling!

  3. Hope you have a GREAT Christmas!!! :)

  4. Well, I have a 10 year old and it is hard. She loves arts and crafts kits, she's getting the Baby Cakes mini cupcake maker because she loves helping in the kitchen and ANything Abercrombie or Aeropostle is GREAt in her book. Merry Christmas!


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