Sunday, January 16, 2011

First double-digit run of 2011

It was raining when I got into my car heading toward the Y to meet the running folks. Ms. M has said that she won't be running if it rains.  I'm just on the fence. If Mr. J shows up, I'll run. If he doesn't, I think I might just go home and wait until the rain subsides.

Mr. J. showed up not longer after I did. And so we hammered out 10 miles today.  At times during the run, the rain feels like it is easing up on us. But then, there were many times when it just comes down a little hard.  It wasn't a downpour. It was kinda like a heavy drizzle. 

Even with the rain and the 40 degree temps, it got a little too hot for me. I wore a pair of long pants, a long sleeve base layer and my running jacket and a reflective vest.  So, after our first 5K loop, we stopped by the vehicle and I took off my running jacket.  Much better.

I didn't really plan today's route. It was more of a run-as-I-go kinda run.  I used to do that a lot when I run alone. I just run and turn and run and turn until I hit the targeted miles.  We stepped on a few puddles and got our feet wet.  It was cold. About mile 8 or so into the run, I realized that I can't feel my arms, thighs, or toes or belly. 

I had quite a number of thoughts during my run today even though I was with someone.  My mind just drifts.
Firstly, I thought about running alone and I kinda miss running long runs all by myself.  I miss not having to keep up or slow someone else down.  I miss not feeling the need to talk.  But I sure do enjoy having company during the long runs too.  Misery loves company, right?

Next, I thought about what I was going to eat after my run.  I want something hot and soupy - like a bowl of soupy udon noodles, or miso soup.  That would be delicious! And that would definitely warm the belly.  I always think about food during my runs.

I wondered about what kind of runner I am.  I don't go fast. I just run. Sometimes I like to compete with myself and try to do better/farther than the previous run.  But mostly, I just run.  I like moving around like that.  I think I really can't run with someone during a race.  I run my own race. I want to enjoy my race.  I can't worry about keeping up or slowing down for someone during a race. It's all about me!

I also thought about more boring, yucky, important stuff like the house, my visa extension and work.  Blah! I'm pounding out the frustrations with those things as I ran.

Anyway, that's 10 miles done, in the cold rain. I feel like a champ! I have 2 more long runs to go before Feb 13. I'm excited.
How was your run?  How was your weekend?


  1. You rock girl!!! 10 miles is huge, but in the rain - that's amazing!! You ARE a runner!! Keep up the good work and you will PR in February! :)

  2. 10 miles -- great job!!! I ran 4 miles today (just now, actually). Sunny here today and I enjoyed myself. The weekend has been cool and overcast so I was glad to have that sun this afternoon!

  3. great job on your long run! you ran twice as far as I did. I feel like I wimped out. I'm hoping to go farther next week.

  4. I ran 10 too and was thrilled! I am totally with you about racing on my own. I want to run my own race! I don't want to talk as I need my energy for racing. Happy to be social before and after but not during!

  5. Grrrreat run! The rain makes it nice, and it makes you feel kind of hardcore (especially cold rain!). You are hardcore!

    I like to just run, too. Letting my mind drfit is one of the best parts of running. Running with someone at a race does not sound like fun. Haha, we are totally on the same page.

    Visa extension?! Apparently I missed something.

  6. P.S. - Reading your blog really does feel like making a loop through your head!

  7. very nice!

    good job christina! that is awesome. yay for long runs. very proud of u. cannot wait until its decent weather here to run outside. right now its -20 C. i cant feel my toes!

  8. Great job! I love running in the warm rain, but I don't know about January rain.

  9. Great job on your run!! And i'm right there with you - i kinda prefer to run alone. I don't like having to worry if i'm slowing my running partner down or whatever - but sometimes it is nice to have the company. :)

  10. Wow, go you! I tried to run in the cold rain yesterday but I gave up after two miles. The wind was trying to blow me over and I was miserable. I might have moved to the treadmill, but my gym is closed on Sundays. You make me look bad :)

  11. For me , running 10 miles is a general marker of how I feel (as in, if I run 10 miles and feel great afterward, my fitness is good). Awesome job, esp. in the rain!

  12. It is possible that we are running twins!

    Except that I haven't hit 10 miles yet. In 3 Sundays I'll be on my first 10 miler ever.

    I have yet to run with anyone. I like to just be free and go and not plan where I will go. My half marathon next month will be the first time I am ever running with anyone. I am actually kind of excited. As long as I don't try to talk too much, which I obviously don't do when I run alone, I think I could be okay!


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