Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Rambles

Hey y'all!
Long time no write.

On Sunday, I felt pretty bad-a$$ after your compliments of my 10 miles in the rain.

On Tuesday (that's when I usually run), I slept through an alarm that was set, but I had turned my phone to silent and, you know, a silent alarm is pretty much useless.  Silent alarm = oxymoron, right?

So today, I just wanted to "explain" my slight disappearance.  Without running, I don't really have much to talk about. 
My ankles have been tired. Do anyone of you have tired ankles from running?
Since Feb 13 is so near, I am kinda worried about injuries late at this stage of the game.  I have been doing my long runs like I am supposed to, but my weekday shorter runs are kinda ad hoc.  I'm not shooting for any time goals in this half marathon. I just wanna run it and enjoy it and hopefully shave about 1 minute off my previous record.

In other several non-running news/tidbits that I wanted to share ....
  1. My younger brother is getting married! I guess when love strikes and the "feeling" or the "moment" is right, the knot will be tied. They are shooting for January 2012 wedding day. Now my momma has gotto consult the stars and the moon and the sun and the wind to see when all that will align with my brother's and my future SIL's horoscopes.

  2. My puppy, Paddy Wag, got her first shots on Monday. She weighs a whopping 16.5 lbs. And we are working on "sit."
Paddy Wag in my boyfriend's office after the visit to the vet

And I am going to head to bed now. 
I want to be that early bird who gets to run around town tomorrow morning.


  1. The most important part of the training are the long runs. If you skip some of the weekday runs it is ok. You will befine at the half marathon, now you know what is ahead of you and you will be ready! :)
    Oh your little cutie is getting big!! :)

  2. That race looks like so much fun. I'd love to go to New Orleans for it.

  3. for ur ankles, maybe try some yoga. they have tons of poses that help strengthen ankles. downward dog would be one of them.

    try it out!

    and congrats to ur brother. that is awesome!

    ive been m.i.a. also. but i have no running news as of late.

    but keep up the good work! u r doing fantasticly!

  4. not tired ankles. tired other things, but not ankles for me.

  5. No really - the more of your posts I read the more I am convinced that we are running twins!!

    Such a CUTE puppy!!! I just want to reach into the picture and pet her little puppy tummy!

  6. I just went out of control with the exclamation points in that comment. Oops.

    I had to fight the urge to end "Oops" with another exclamation point. I will NOT do it.


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