Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fillers

Anne Marie over at Goals for the Week dedicated her Friday's post to EMZ. Basically it is about "filler blogs" and why we blog.  Click on the links for some interesting reads. 

Here's my 2-cents.
I started this blog with the sole intention of sharing my runs. I realized that my mind gets really random when I run. It's not possible to share my running experiences without sharing all those random thoughts. And my random thoughts usually are related to real-life experiences.  So there you go - here's a blog that's running-related with real-life thrown into the mix. 

Here's a little real-life + running.

I found a package for me on the front porch this morning before I drove to work.  I controlled myself and didn't open it until lunch time.
I found these:

I chatted with a friend in college recently on the phone about him being a new dad and all the wonderful joys of being a father.  When asked about how I am doing recently, I found myself talking INCESSANTLY about running. So, while at a used book sale, he came across these two books and purchased it for me. This was an absolutely thoughtful gift because this was an absolutely sweet gesture that totally acknowledged my love for running.  Thanks Vinay!


Aneta over at My Running Bucket is going through a pretty fantastically exciting phase of her life - moving into her new love nest!  I was one of the first people to comment on her blog about a survey/random tidbits. So, here you go.

4 TV Shows I Watch:   I don't have cable anymore and haven't watched TV at home in 2 years. But when I go online, I will watch   
Gossip Girl  +  America Next Top Supermodel   +  Beverly Hills 90210   +   Law and Order  

4 Things I'm Passionate About:
Family     +       Boyfriend              +            Running           +    Cooking

4 Words/Phrases I Use Too Much:
Goodness     +       Silly Goose          +     Oh man!         +       I don't know.  

4 Things I Have Learned From The Past:
If you feel an injury brewing, stop and RICE.
Surround yourself with positive, responsible people.
I can do anything I set my mind to it.
I often underestimate my abilities.

4 Things I Am Looking Foward To:
My brother's wedding in 2012    +   Paddy Wag growing up and running alongside me   +  Always the next time I get to spend with my boyfriend     +   Seeing my parents and best friend. 

4 Things I Love About Winter:
Cold with possibility of snow   +  Christmas and break   +   Winter fashion/accessories   +   Fireplace 

Now, consider yourself tagged in your blog or pick a category and share the 4 things on the comments section below.

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. I find when I run my mind is all over the place. And at the time it feels like the most important, deep, hysterical, serious, funny material ever. I always want to go home and blog it all out because I just KNOW everybody else cares .... yeah, they probably don't. But I still go home and babble anyway.

    I don't think I can have a single conversation without running being discussed. I try so hard, but it just never fails. It is the only thing always on my mind right now. I bet I am so annoying to everybody at work!

  2. What an awesome gift from your friend!! You are lucky :)

  3. I love your reasons for blogging. And what a great pal you have sending you the books--very thoughtful!

  4. 4 TV Shows I Watch:
    Modern Family
    Mad Men
    Breaking Bad
    30 Rock

    4 Things I Love About Winter:
    Nothing!!! Bring on the spring :-)


  5. that friend is a keeper! so sweet of her =)

  6. What an awesome gift! Love it when people actually listen to what we are passionate about.

  7. 4 Things I am Passionate About

    Family + Running + Reading + Blogging (really)

  8. i love running books. let us know how they are.

    thnx for the shout out.

    ive been watching some old eps of B.H 90210. love the old eps with brenda and brendon and kelly and the gang! haha


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