Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night and the Lights are Low ...

Looking for a place to go .....
And I went to the Y for a 3-mile run.  
Took me 32 minutes on the treadmill and managed another negative splits today.

Most normal people would be out having dinner at some restaurants.
 Me? I had an uninspiring dinner. 
Shrimp was bland. Spaghetti was bland. Tandoori chicken was bland. 
Weird that these were delicious tasty and full of flavor a few days ago. 

So, after dinner, while most regular, non-boring, happening youngsters are out partying and drinking, 
I stayed home and am drinking to my heart's content! 
Here's a pitcher of freshly juiced oranges and apples, on the rocks!
Yes, I'm drinking the ENTIRE pitcher.

Good thing the taste buds aren't acting funny on this.  
(Yes, that's plastic wrap over my drink because I'm paranoid about having non-kitchen air/random puppy hair fall off my shirt and into  my drink.)  


  1. Christina!!!! Haha, you crack me up! Dinner sounds tasty. I may've opted for shrimp, but the juice still sounds good. :) Fantastic run, speedy gal! You are doing awesome.

  2. Good job on your run!! My evening wasn't better, picked up pizza and fell asleep before 9pm. At least you did run and hydrated very well. Good for you!! Don't worry what other people would do, just make sure you are having a good time!!

  3. That is way more exciting than my Friday night! I skipped my run because I felt like a zombie ... and was in bed watching TV by 8pm. Sad. I shouldn't even publicly admit this!


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