Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I hope y'all have a head for numbers. 

  1. Ran on the treadmill this evening.  It was one of my speedier runs in a while. I figured, the faster I crank up the 'mill, the quicker I'll get done! I started the treadmill at about 11:00/mile for the first mile. The second mile was somewhere in the 10:00/mile vicinity and the last mile was everywhere on the 9:00/mile area. So, 3 miles in 31:04 minutes. 
  2. I did some math while running. If I want to meet my 1,000-mile goal (running miles only) by the end of December, I need to log at least 83 miles a month. I should have done this math a LONG time ago. January is almost over and I have only logged 42 miles as of today. Granted I'll have 2 more long runs (11 and 12 miles), it is only putting me close to 80 miles.  But hey, not too late to start tracking and hitting my monthly goals. Still have time to catch up!
  3. Another math thing I did while running. If I ran at an 11:00/mile pace, I should finish a half marathon at 2 hours 23 minutes.  That gives me about 7 minutes of buffer time to drink/walk at the water stops and probably even a second or two to lament/whine about how many more miles I'll need to do to finish the half.  

So, lots of numbers, right?

Do tell me if I miscalculated. Because for the longest time during my run, I thought 140 minutes was 1 hour and 40 minutes! Thank goodness I'm aware and realistic about my slow pace, there's NO WAY I would be running a half in 1 hour 40 minutes - at least not now.


  1. Good job on your 3 mile run.

    83x12 = 996. So a few months need to be 84 miles to hit 1000

  2. Good job on getting a fast 3 miler with negative splits in!! I think you are planning a good strategy with trying to stick with 11 min /miles as long as you can. Even though I know you will kill the half marathon, I'm 100% sure you will be much faster than you think :)

  3. It is so refreshing to see someone else that runs at what I consider to be a good pace! My running group averages around the 10:30 min/mile pace but we do short runs. I feel like you have given me the OK to run longer distances at a slower pace. Thanks!

  4. i always tally race times and numbers on my longer runs. It's fun to think about;-)

    sounds good to me, and i think you're gonna surprise yourself..;-)

  5. You'll be fine. The most important thing is to stay consistent. It's when people fall behind and try to catch up in a month that you risk injury. Consistency is key!

  6. You have plenty of time to catch up and get your mileage target for the year. Great job on the 3 miler. I'm sure you will have a great half

  7. That is a lot of numbers! Sounds like me when I run. I am forever calculating stuff to keep me occupied. You've done so well on the training for this half -- I think you'll be faster than you think you are. :)

  8. Nice negative splits! And don't worry about your mileage, you have plenty of time to get the miles in and you sound like you're on a good pace to do it!

  9. Hey Running Twin! My goal for the half next month is to finish in 2:20. My "coach" decided that for us. We calculated that to 10:40. Running makes me feel so mathematically gifted. But then if I calculate things wrong, I never know and nobody else does either, so that's nice.

    It's pretty awesome reading someone that seems to run at my exact same paces!


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