Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Fortune Cookie Predicts ...

The Chinese restaurant lady gave me 4 fortune cookies when I stopped by yesterday. 
Ate one of them and this is my fortune.
Maybe not.
A half marathon would be a great way to relax spend this weekend. 
Another great reason not to take stock of what the fortune cookie predicts.

Snow day today!
 Paddy's paw prints.

My girls: Buttercup and Paddy.

Don't know what she is doing.

Cold nose.

Hey y'all! 

My Paddy Wag.


  1. looks like the dogs are enjoying the snow!

  2. Cute cute pictures of your dogs! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

  3. Your dogs looks like they're having a blast! Can't beat the snow if SOMEONE is having fun! :)

    I'd gladly go relax at a movie on a sounds so nice. As does a half marathon! :)

  4. Maybe you'll end up going to a movie Sunday night to relax after the race!!

    You have very cute children! :-)

  5. Maybe the movie the night before the half marathon in order to relax for the race?! :) LOVE the pics :)


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