Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's the facts and the four Ds.

Fact: I like to eat.
Fact: I can eat a lot. Way too much.
Fact: I run so I can eat.
Fact: I got carried away and ate too much.
Fact: My pants are getting uh-oh tighter!

So, apparently, you can't exactly eat whatever you want and whatever amount you want even when you are running. Well, maybe if you are running a half marathon EVERYDAY.  But I don't.
If you don't control your eating, the for sure thing is, you are going to get fat. No easier or kinder way or PC way to put it.  Yep. Fat. Chubby chubs. Fat rolls. Muffin tops. Belly bigger than your boobies.

Today, I wore a pair of black pants that I haven't worn in a few months. I almost died!
The best (or stupid) part of it is I wore it for a good entire day to work. I thought, "Oh.. it will stretch out." Yeah right!
Call me delusional. 
I am definitely in denial. 
And I am almost devastated and going into a depression

In running matters....
I ran with Paddy on Tuesday. We didn't go too far because she was a bad pacer. She had me going at a high 9 minute to low 10 min/mile for a while. Too fast, too early, too much. 
My shins are feeling funky. I don't think it is shin splints. But it hurts when I walk. So, I am going to lay off the running this week and do weight training and probably throw in a few cycling sessions or something.

And yes, I'll lay off the ice cream too!

Question to you: How do you find the right balance when it comes to food and exercise? I don't want to diet and eat too few carbs and feel like my legs are shackled with steel thingys when I run. 


  1. Unfortunately I can not help yo with healthy food tips, I eat what I can find. The reason I don't gain weight (I guess) is the stress at work. When I'm worried I tend to stop eating, not good either.
    One idea: buy more healthy snacks and tell yourself, before I eat some candy/ice cream/... you have to eat one healthy snack first. Maybe that helps to stop the graving. Good luck!

  2. Even with all the running, my weight stayed the same and even increased because I was stuffing my face more than I needed to. I wasn't stopping when I was satisfied and was going to over-full too often. Over the past year, I've made more of an effort to eat healthier things, and I had to do smaller portions, too. Now that I'm more conscious about keep things under control, I've dropped about 10 lb since September. I really needed to remind myself that I can't keep eating like I'm 16 because I'm not anymore.

    Good luck!

  3. i like to eat, so i exercise. i run so that i can eat, but i also eat so that i can run. its a vicious circle. lol.

    i just try to have a balance in my life. if i eat too much, then i try to exercise a bit more. if i know i am goin gto have a big dinner, i try to have a small lunch. simple!

    good luck!

  4. Even when I'm not trying to lose weight I have to write down what I'm eating to stay accountable.

  5. I really have to watch what I eat. Exercising does not keep it off for me at all. Maybe it would be worse if I didn't exercise but I hope it makes me look better even if it doesn't help me lose.

  6. I almost made fact #3 into my bumper sticker. I am a terrible dieter. I do ok for a while and then fall off the wagon and eat everything. I have learned over the years (and as I get closer to the big 4-0) that moderation is key, of course along with exercise. I am more flabby in the winter months b/c I do not swim. I know this, yet I cannot motivate myself to swim indoors. Just does not seem natural.
    Instead of Eat, Pray, Love, I say
    Eat, Run, Be Happy :-)

  7. If you find the secret, please, let me know. I work out a ton and have the hardest time dropping the pounds.

  8. Okay, I think the internet just lost my comment? :(

  9. Hm, that one worked, so yes, the original was lost.

    What I said was the whenever I feel bloated and chubby it seems to be an all parts of my body except my boobs. They shrunk from running, and seem to just insist on staying non-existent now!


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