Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fillers - ABCs and update

I'm still fighting a losing battle with this cold thing I have. I feel more tired than ever. My belly feels empty and weird.  Food tastes tasteless so I am after BIG flavor foods like lime sorbet and curries! And when I get to eating, I feel yucky and can barely eat.  I finally gave in to resting today.  I guess it's pretty bad when all I can think of today at work was how miserable I am and how much I wanted to be home, wear my granny panties and pjs and sleep.  The kiddos I worked with today were good, easy, funny kids and I can't even fully commit to laughing with and at them.  Anyway,  after work, I slept. I let the chores slide and left the dogs alone and slept.  It was good. 

With this junk I have, I just am not in the mood for a lot of things, even running. Gasp! So sorry that there hasn't been a running post.  Hopefully I can kick this cold soon. So, I decided to do the ABCs post that has been floating around.  I enjoyed reading your ABCs, and if you haven't done it yet, do it, so I can read it in bed. 

A:  Age -- 31
B:  Bed Size  -- Queen.
C:  Chore Your Hate -- Cleaning the toilet bowl.
D:  Dogs -- Buttercup (a mix) and Paddy Wag (a lab and German wirehaired pointer mix)
E:  Essential Start Your Day Item -- Contact lenses.
F:  Favorite Color -- black and white and grey
G:  Gold or Silver -- Silver
H:  Height -- 5' 4'
I:  Instruments You Play -- none
J:  Job Title -- Speech-Language Pathologist
K:  Kids -- None.
L:  Live -- SE Arkansas
M:  Mother's Name -- maah-meeeeeeee
N:  Nicknames -- Babe, Chrissy, Chichi
O:  Overnight Hospital Stays -- 0
P:  Pet Peeve -- purposefully misspelling words "kool/cool," "dun/don't"
Q:  Quote from a Movie --  "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."
R:  Right or Left-Handed -- Right and left
S:  Siblings -- 1 younger brother
T:  Time You Wake Up -- Tuesday/Thursday - 4:47 a.m. or some weird number, Sundays - 5:27 a.m. M/W/F- 6:18 or something like that and Saturday - whenever I wake up
U:  Underwear -- yes.
V:  Vegetable You Dislike -- Raw celery and raw carrots and raw broccoli. Love them cooked.
W:  What Makes You Late --  Internet and forgetting where I left my keys/phone.
X:   X-rays You've Had Done -- Dental x-ray and chest x-ray
Y:  Yummy Food You Make -- Let's just say I can cook pretty well. :)
Z:  Zoo Animal Favorite -- Hippos - they are dirty, they are fat, they don't have lots of pretty colors. But they are still kinda cool.


  1. I'm glad you took a rest day, make sure your body gets well first and don't worry about running! Hope you feel better very soon.

    You can write left and right?? COOL!!

  2. This was fun to read. I had to laugh about your vegetables... I am totally the opposite! I don't think I ate a cooked carrot until I was in college. :)

  3. Excellent pet peeve! I remember reading a discussion once and someone called a girl out on why she wrote "wot" instead of "what". She claimed it was easier for people to read it that way. Really? Because yeah, NO, it isn't!!


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