Monday, March 7, 2011

Logging is Hard and a Diagnosis

Ooh Monday....

Day 1 of keeping a food log really opened my eyes! OMG!
1400+ calories seemed like a BIG number and seemed like I would never eat that amount of calories in a day. Well.. I went over my limit today. I wanted today to be a "regular" day so I can document the things I eat and see what my pitfalls were.   But I did get more mindful about my choices. I will make a more concerted effort and plan and make better choices tomorrow.  I have a feeling this log will help me achieve my goal.

I didn't do much. I went to work and coughed my lungs out.  The kiddo I was with stared at me with her eyes wide open... giving me that "OK, don't die in front of me" look. I was so ready to be home. Mainly because I don't want to be coughing in front of anyone.  This coughing business is getting old. It is seriously tiring to cough.  Running is less painful and less tiring.  Really.

We had a family dinner with the BIG family tonight.  Before dinner, the boyfriend and I went to his dad's office and have him check out my cough.  The doctor listened and said I have bronchitis. So, I'll be taking some medicine for that.  Right now, I will have a coughing episode whenever I breathe somewhat deeply. I don't want to breathe anymore.  Anyway... I guess, I will give it a couple of days for the meds to do its magic and then start training again. 

Lastly, thank you for listening to me blah blah blah about things that aren't really running related these past few days and especially listening to me blah blah blah about weight gain.  Yes, it's a few pounds and one may think that it is just vanity pounds. But .. you know, vanity pounds can add up.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I will feel normal soon.


  1. Sorry to hear about the bronchitus. I know that it is no fun. I hope you get back to "normal" soon.
    And don't worry I talk about weight and stuff all the time. I say what the heck its your blog and how you are feeling. Most of us totally understand and go through it right along side ya. I have learned that writing it down does help alot (along with drinking TONS of water). It is so hard to balance the training eating and non training eating. It really took me along time to recover from marathon training eating. I was just so darn hungry all the time. Once the marathon was over I still wanted to eat as much because I was so used to it. I am finally getting back to my normal calorie range :)

  2. I'm glad you went to a doctor. Bronchitis is no joke, get some rest, tell your boyfriend to pamper you and I hope you will feel much better very soon! :)

  3. Get well soon!! - take care and you will soon start back running

  4. boooo to bronchitis!
    i hope u feel better! this sucks!

  5. I am too embarrassed to even say what my #s were the first day I logged my food intake! Hope the cough gets better. I had that nagging cough last year, and like you wanted to stop breathing.

  6. When I saw the title of your post in Reader, I was like, "Um, what? Is she getting in to the LOGGING industry?" Like, a lumberjack? Cause, yeah, I bet that IS hard. Ha!
    Calorie logging makes SO much more sense! And yeah, it makes you mindful of what you're eating. Guess that's the whole point.
    I like the app "Lose it."
    Hope you are feeling better soon. Gotta be in tip top lumberjack shape! ;0)


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