Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reflections. Goals. Solutions.

I took this week off, trying to get over my cold.  The hardcore runners would probably say it's ok to run as long as you aren't running a temperature.  I took off anyway. I felt like my body needed it. My mind needed a little break from running too.

So what I did do this week while laying in bed (other than spending money on half marathon registrations)?  I am catching up all the blog reading, did some soul-searching/reflecting, and thought about different things. 

Remember my post a few days ago when I said my pants were getting tight? 
The truth is, my pants didn't just shrink. The dryer didn't shrink it either. I most definitely ate too much, thinking it's ok because I am running more. In a way, it is true. I am running more, but I also quit doing strength workouts on a regular basis.  So, if I want to lose a few pounds and have my clothes fit better, I just have to watch what I eat and use up calories.  Simple math! 

GOAL: To be able to wear that same tight pants again and have it fit properly. 
Solution #1:  Portion! Portion! Portion!
Solution #2:
a) Watch out eating out! I eat out a lot for lunch during the week. I enjoyed eating with a few of my colleagues and we always go out for Mexican.  Love taco salad. But that shell. That shell needs to stay relatively intact.  Or order from the a la carte menu and get 2 soft tacos or something like that. 
b) I am going to avoid the fast-food restaurants this week.  I usually get a kids' meal anyway so it's not like I can go any smaller on my meal. So, I am totally skipping fast-food this week. 
c) Pack lunch and stash it in a small ice chest. We're looking at fruits and hard boiled eggs and PBJ sandwiches and turkey sandwiches.
Solution #3: Drink lots of water - at least 4 bottles.
Solution #4: Keep a log on the food/drinks I eat for this week so I can reassess and make adjustments for next week.

Training Goals for this week:
1. 1 yoga session
2. 1 upper body weights
3. 1 lower body weights + abs
4. 5K run (incorporate some inclines)
5. 5-mile run
6. 8-miler long run
7.  Stretch once a day

They say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."  This week of staying indoors really make me ready and eager to go out there and run and train.  :)

What's your BIG GOAL for the upcoming week?


  1. I am one of those that runs or spins when I have a cold. I figure I'm sweating it out. And, I never feel *worse* afterwards.
    Your solutions sound pretty good. Best of luck this week. ;)

  2. Solution 4 will open your eyes. I have gotten to the point that I ask for things *not* to come on the plate when I eat out. Ex: my favorite black beans and rice dish comes with a massive soft tortilla. Just do not need that along with the rice.
    I noticed this year that I am thicker in the middle when I do not swim regularly, but cannot find the time to get in a swim at an indoor pool in addition to my bike ride and 3 runs. Thank goodness we will open our pool next month.
    Good luck with your goals this week :-)
    PS -
    Check out the Lost It app for the iPhone.

  3. I think you did it right and took a week off from running in order to get healthy and also to focus on what's important for you. That is so important! Now you can start with full speed in a new week and I'm sure you will achieve all your goals! Good luck!!

    In regards to the "arms", I'm not sure what to tell you, since I'm fortunate and don't have issues with that. I only know to keep them relax and don't cross them in front of your body. Maybe you can google it or check runner's world. I'm sure more people have issues with that.

  4. If YOU feel you need to take time to rest, don't worry about anyone else. Only YOU can know what your body needs!
    Sounds like you have some realistic goals & a plan to get there.
    As far as food tracking, check out the app "Lose it." It's free & it's great!

  5. Portions and water! You're going to do great! I had to laugh that the dryer did not shrink your pants. You won't believe how many times I've used that one. :)

    Glad you are feeling better!

  6. i know how u feel. i agree with EVERYTHING on this post. i feel like i should do the same. strech and drink water and all that fun stuff! and portion control is so important. my pants are also tight! :(

  7. I shouldn't give any weight loss advice because I sure ain't taking it (as evidenced by my own tight pants) but I'm glad you're feeling better! I had to take over a week off too- those colds can get you!


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