Tuesday, March 8, 2011


In my sleep last night, I had a nightmare about running. Just recently, it seems like I have been having nightmares about running whenever I don't feel well enough to run.  Weird!

The nightmare goes:
I was in a small half-marathon race. I ran at a good pace and was feeling like a superheroine.  Then, we had to run through and into a warehouse with lots of goods (like a combination of newspaper dockside I used to work at and my boyfriend's furniture company). We had to meander through that mess and I saw a few men running back (like an out-back route).  I thought, I'm good and I'm almost to the halfway point.  Somehow, I got lost in a maze! The route was not marked at all. When I finally got out of the "maze," I ran toward the finish line, which was by then, had already been dismantled and everyone had gone home, except for a few volunteers finishing up cleaning.  I knew one of the organizers and went up to her and told her that the route was not marked and how important it to have prominent markers on the route and on and on and on about the route and markers.   I scared myself in that nightmare because I am not at all a vocal person. 

Nightmare #2 is more like an actual real-life nightmare.
My cardiovascular ability is in the Dumpster right now.  I went outside today and Paddy Wag was jumping up at me with her muddy paws.  I tried dodging it and that took a heck lot of energy! I was short of breath.  I tried running away from her but finally gave in to her muddy paws because I couldn't even run.  I can't wait to be better so I can run.

Day #2 of my food log:
It is going well. My boyfriend made waffles for me this morning. I ate one waffle and 2 eggs, had some coffee and a shot of cough syrup. Lunch was eggs and a banana.  I still have quite a few calories to spare for supper. 

I'm gonna be all right.  The antibotics better be doing some work inside my body. 


  1. Ugh, I hate running nightmares! Right before my half marathon I had this terrible one that my legs just collapsed and I had to drag my body with my arms. I woke up and just stared in a panic too afraid to even try to move my legs!

  2. Nightmares suck! I usually have dreams/nightmares about work and I hate it. I try to relax and read before I go to bed. I hope you get yours under control soon :)

  3. I hate nightmares. I always have super bizarre dreams...i mean, just downright WEIRD.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Haha, I'm so busy with work right now that I can't run either. I find myself having nightmares about the relay we just ran. Last night I got lost and couldn't find the checkpoint and the rest of my team and I just kept running around Texas trying to find them! Both of us really need to lace up our shoes more!

    I hope you start feeling better and get a chance soon!

  5. I hope you start feeling better soon & wave goodbye to those nightmares!


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