Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Of the willing mind, of the loser knee, of sardines and of Marmite.

How random can this gets?

My intention was to take the girls out running again. We had a wonderful run yesterday and I thought, let's do it again today.  First, Paddy Wag was just unruly with Buttercup around. Buttercup was super duper excited and was barking non-stop in a super high-pitched voice.  That sent Paddy Wag in a whirlwind super excited state and caused her to yank my arms multiple times.  I decided to put Buttercup up so I can run with Paddy and see how she does alone.  About 20 steps later, we were saw the neighbor's puppy prancing around. Sweet little puppy. Oh my! I love puppies! Paddy was playing rough with her.  This puppy is tiny and oh-so-precious. She went everywhere we went and was keeping up with us. I can't have her following me around. So I carried her in my arms and walked to the neighbor's house and put up her too.  And off Paddy and I went, finally.

Paddy seemed really scared of vehicles. When a vehicle is nearing us, I usually get her off to the side of the road and kneel down with her while she sits.  But when the vehicle is close to us, she seems to want to go into hiding.  I guess I just have to show her that it's ok, that momma's here to take care of her.

The mind was willing to run. All too willing. I haven't done a back-to-back run since my last knee injury. And I am completely nutso to try it today.  The knee acted up.  After 1.70 miles, Paddy and I walked home.  I better not chance it since I do have a half marathon coming up in like 2 or 3 weeks.
I guess I probably should stick to my running on alternate days thing I was doing. Maybe in the summer time, I will do short runs back to back and build up since I won't be having any races.

I was craving sardines while I running. Weird! Well not totally. I love sardines in tomato sauce. And love it even more when it is sardines in a spicy tomato sauce. Having cravings for things I like is natural.

And I was craving Marmite while running too. Hmmm... yummm... Marmite. Totally love that!!  It is so difficult to find it in this part of the world, so I usually stock up! I have about 6 big jars in my pantry now.

What's up with the stinky foods cravings?   Oh well.... I better go brush my teeth and do some Listerine shots after dinner.  Guess who's not gonna get kissed if her breath is all so stinky?


  1. Sardines?? Ha, ok that is pretty random. :) Hope your knee feels better!

  2. Funny cravings!! I usually dream of sausages and eggs benedict on my long runs :)

  3. sardine, eh? that is so random.

    ya rest ur legs and dont do back to back run before the race! Save that for when u can afford it!

    i sometimes get weird cravings. usually for salty things like chips or fries. and since i do not eat fries on a regular basis, i love them after long runs or races!

  4. AWW!!! I can just see you and the dogs!!! We need more dog pictures, Christina!! Please!

    Eating right is HARD sometimes!!! We can do this! Thanks for the sweet comments. I'm so nervous about my race. :)

    Keep kicking butt!!

  5. You are so funny! Listerine -- good idea!

    Your dog adventure sounds like a handful today. Aren't they just so cute?? :-)

  6. sorry about your knee acting up :-(


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