Saturday, March 5, 2011

Signed up!

Maybe the cold medicine made me loopy.
Maybe it was because I saw Aneta's post where she signed up a bunch of races in 5 minutes.
Maybe it was because it only costs $30. 
I figured, there is a more than 50% chance for me running in that. 
And so, I'm signed up for half marathon #3

 October 29, 2011.
Last year, I ran this same race and it was my first half marathon ever. 
I liked the size of the race (1500 participants)
I thought the crowd support was sweet. 
It benefits the Soaring Wings ranch for orphans and other kiddos.
And even though it was hilly, I enjoyed it tremendously.
This year, I am aiming at tackling ALL the hills. 
THEN ....

Then somehow, it struck me that October 29 is kinda long to wait to be able to run a race.
So I poked around on the Internet.
And that rainbow colored socks fanatic Ronda so easily convinced me on Facebook that I need to run a half marathon on April 10 because she is.
I'm guessing she is the more dominant running twin.
And so I am signed up for half marathon #4. 

April 10, 2011.
Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Hotel's booked too!
I was worried about the hills in this race. 
With Soaring Wings, you just get slapped hills after hills. 
For Hogeye, it looks like the hills are more gradual and conveniently placed at the start and end of the half marathon.
But hey, if I could do Soaring Wings last year with a messed up sciatica blah blah blah, I can do anything!

Maybe not PR. 
But I am sure gonna wear my big girl's panties and tackle those hills! 
Now, if only I can kick this cold away now.
Training, I guess, will start next week.
I am pumped!


  1. make sure to increase your long runs over the next several weeks, and toss in some hill work and you'll be golden!

  2. Yay! Signing up for a race always makes me happy! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yeah for the half marathon sign up! How big or small was it? I have been updating my races on my sidebar. Right now I have 4 in the works.

  4. Not only one, you signed up for 2 races! You go girl!!!

  5. Whooo Hooo!! Love it!! You can totally do it!! I'm trying to do one a month just to have something to train for :)

  6. Race shopping on-line is dangerous and addictive. But you're right, Oct 29th is too far away! Good luck hill training. I love hills - feels so good to conquer them!

  7. Now this is a fun post;-) enjoy the training ride, and the race weekend adventures;-) Look forward to hearing about em'.


  8. Well it certainly didn't take much convincing to get you to race! But I figured since we are running twins and I had a half that day, well, it is only natural we BOTH do a half! We'll be racing buddies - in different time zones!


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