Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bought It. Caught it. Rip It.

After buying toys, a dog bed, an indoor grill, suitcases, and a cheese grater, I finally bought the air tickets that I had to buy.  

Oh yes... it is confirmed. No backing out now!!! Ugh!! 

Argh! Just a tad under the weather right now.
I got sneeze-sprayed by an 13-month-old baby girl on Saturday. She was so cute that I completely forgot about icky germs ... until Monday morning.  Argh!
It has been lots of drainage, sore throat, and constant headache since.

I "Ripped It" with Jillian Michael's this a.m.
Used the 3-lbs weights like I said I would but I didn't find it "challenging."
So, my next strategy would be keeping the 3-lbs and 5-lbs weights by me, use the 5-lbs weights, and when I get really really tired, I will use the 3-lbs ones.

I didn't get my run in today because (a) I had to tend to the oven in the morning since we were doing a pot-luck for the teachers I work with (hence I was doing Jillian while tending the oven), (b) I had to attend my boyfriend's cousins' kids' high school graduation in the evening  So proud of them!!!!!

So, tomorrow, I am going to run my 2-miles. 

I know I will feel better soon.
I know I will get my 2 miles in tomorrow.
Still feeling pudgy. But I am eating and enjoying every bite of the yummies I put into my mouth!  :) 


  1. I've been hearing lots of good things about Jillian Michaels' workouts. I think it's time I tried them, but I'll be needing 2 lb weights!

  2. The first repeat I do with the 5lbs and the 2nd repeat I do with the 3lbs weight, that works pretty good. :)

    Yeah for the tickets, just think about things you will enjoy back home and look forward to this. Try not to think about the other issues. I know it's harder said than done, but you are strong :)

  3. where u going?
    or did u just buy tickets to singapore for 173 dolalrs? (if u did....that is crazy cheap)

    yay for Jillian! her workouts are great. i need to get back into doing the Shred! its a wicked workoiuts too!

  4. i did not run my short run this morning either. but, like you, i'll squeeze it in sometime!

  5. Sometimes I feel like I need a set of 4lb weights, lol. The 5lbs are too much for some of the smaller muscles and 3lbs are too easy for bigger muscles!

  6. I had to give away my JM Shred. Too hard on the hip and the knees. And I just couldn't bring myself to do it the amended way.
    But when I did it, man I was sore the next day!

  7. Oy, i use 5lb weights - sometimes i feel like my arms are going to fall off!!

  8. Your two miles will be good because mine were. So obviously this makes sense to you and I - and nobody else!

    Glad you bought your tickets! One less thing to worry about!

    During my Yoga Booty Ballet weights working out I use 1.5 pounds. Wow. I am a weenie!


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