Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fast and Not Furious

Still feeling yucky ... the cough, the drainage, the nasty. Yikes.
But NO TIME for being sick.  I needed to get that 2 miles out of the way ....
And so I did.
I went to the Y and hopped on the treadmill and plugged away. 
Total: 2 miles = 21:41 minutes. 
I believe it is one of my faster runs since March .... 
I feel good. 
Every part of me is smiling. 

In my last post, Aneta asked where I was going.
I'm going home to Singapore for a little bit this summer.
And nope, it didn't cost $173 .... I think that was the ad for a hotel room in Singapore. 


  1. Sorry you're feeling yucky, but Great time on the 2 mile run!!! Good job!

    Have a GREAT time in Singapore!!!! It is *so* beautiful there (as I'm sure you know). Please be sure to post a pic of at least one of your runs!

  2. I saw that $173 and thought No Way! Then I looked and did realize it had to be for a hotel.

    Yippee on 2 successful miles!

  3. Sometimes I feel better when I run when I am sick. I don't want to know what it costs to fly there.

  4. Good job on your run!!Love your quote :)

  5. Glad you got that run in. Hope you start feeling better!

  6. Great job, speedy!!! And you did that with a nasty cold? You rock!!!

    Will you be blogging from Singapore? I'll be waiting with Sabrina for you to post trip pictures!!

  7. I was wondering what kind of deal that was for a flight to Singapore. Good to know that in this case, I'm not crazy!

    Great run, BTW!

  8. I am horrible at running when I don't feel good!
    good job!

  9. Good job on your run - especially being sick! Hope you feel better soon!


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