Monday, May 23, 2011

The saddest sound I have ever heard

Not running-related.

Holy macaroni!

I have to keep Paddy Wag in a room so she won't go around hunting for food at night since she is getting spayed in the morning. That's the only way I'm 98% certain she won't be drinking/eating. But she literally had an anxiety attack and was howling when she was left alone in that room. It was the saddest thing I have ever heard. It's like she is telling me: "Don't leave me here alone, momma." Oh my baby girl ...

So, I sat with her and stroked her head and sang "Angel of Music" .... I used to sing that to her when she was a real puppy.  She calmed down and fell asleep but every time I got up, she would wake up and the crying begins. I cannot possibly sleep in that outside room.. so I thought the racketball court would be a good place - it's cool, it's enclosed, and there aren't anything that she can ruin (other than the wood floor). But she refused to get in there - like she knows she is claustrophobic.

So, I got her to the sunroom. I was prepared to sleep on the floor with her! Of course she doesn't want to stay in there.

I got her to the hallway leading to the carport, where she usually is if she is ever in the house.. Nope. She doesn't want it there either.

And finally, I took her outside. Leashed her up in the front porch. And she is whining now. My heart is going "awww poor thing!" Hopefully Buttercup and Bear/Sammie/Sam/Oso will come and join her so she won't feel totally alone.

Oh my girl... sleep Paddy Waggie ....
Sigh ...
No one ever told me I would feel so much for a dog. She really is my baby girl.


  1. Awww that's the reason my dog sleeps in my bed. I know it's bad but after hearing his whining for a few nights I couldn't resist anymore and let him in... he is my little monster :)

  2. Aw! You are such a good dog mommy, planning to sleep on the floor with her! My Pumpkin sleeps under the bed because she's a rescue and has a bunch of issues. It really is insane how they get your heart. I hope her procedure goes well!

  3. Oh poor baby. :( Think how happy she'll be after her surgery and she gets to come back home with her mommy and get spoiled!

  4. Poor Paddy Wag! Our George was that way as a puppy b/c he was always around dogs (and he is a pack dog :-)Hope the procedure went well this am and she is back to normal soon.

  5. I'm sure she is fine.

    Guinness always slept under the bed, because that's where she put her "nest." Porter slept in the bed. Scuttlebutt sleeps in our bed or the crate. McMenamin doesn't sleep.

  6. OOooh, poor sweetie pie! I hope everything went smoothly. :)


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