Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday in bullets

  1. The 2 miles I planned on running yesterday never did happened.  We had Mother's Day lunch at my boyfriend's mom's and we ended up spending the entire afternoon there.  When we got back to our place, his dad and stepmom and brothers were there and we ended up spending time with them.  I had a good time with family. But the 2-miles hung over my head like you can never believe.  Guilt is not a good feeling!
  2. At lunch today, I decided to get my shoes on and ran a quick one mile.  It was a fast one without pain. It took a little over 10 minutes but under 10:30 minutes. It left me breathless. While it was a good run, it was a sucky run too.  I hadn't had breakfast or lunch.  All I had was coffee and I really could use some fuel - like half a banana or something.
  3. I also swam at least 20 minutes non-stop.  I am not a good swimmer. So I stayed on the shallow end of the pool and just kept going back and forth and back and forth. I did the froggie stroke. That's the only way I know how to swim.  My arms got a nice workout.Of course, it also made me realize that my arms are weak!
  4. Tomorrow, I have 2 miles on tap.  I am hoping to get it in early in the a.m. so it won't hang over me like a dark cloud.  Will report my activities for tomorrow. 
  5. I am also determined to cook at least 3x this week.  It's all a plan to save money and to eat healthfully. 
  6. In fact, I already have tomorrow's food all prepped and ready to go into the Crock-Pot tomorrow.  All I'll need to do is to pop that pot into the Crock-Pot base and  have it set to "8 hours slow" and I will be home to a good meal with minimal clean-up.
  7. For May, I am hoping I will run at least 20 miles.  That will be a doable challenge.  I'm far far far behind my 82-mile/month goal in order to reach 1000 miles. 
  8. I'm working on a serious post. 
  9. I am going to get to go home to Singapore this summer. 
  10. #8 and #9 are kinda related and stressing me out just a tad.


  1. That's great news of going home this summer. Don't stress over it, just take it a day at a time and bring your running shoes :)

  2. sucks that u did not get a chance to run this weekend, but spending time with family is just as important.

    but u ran 1 mile pain free....and that is pretty awesome. good luck on today's 2 miles. u r gonna rock it.

    u swim like me....froggie style! hahhahahha

    hope everything is ok in singapore and u r going for a lovely vacation. if u need to talk, email me.

    have a good day

  3. Ditto - hope everything is going OK in Singapore. I'm glad you got a run in yesterday! 1 mile pain-free is better than no miles. Also better than pain. Have a great day!

  4. Just go Canadian and change your goal to 1000km this year (only 621 miles!)

  5. Great job on the 1 miler! I'm glad to hear the knee didnt' bother you!

    I hope the Singapore trip is a vacation to see your family and doesn't cause you too much stress. Just take it one day at a time (or one mile at a time!).

  6. Good job on your swim! I'd like to start swimming more - i always forget what a good workout it is!

    That's awesome you get to go home - i hope it is a good trip!

  7. Sorry about the stress. I hope you are not going home for a sad reason. Take care.

  8. Go swim! Any way you are in the water is good.

  9. I swim like a frog, too!

    I hope you aren't as stressed now. When I wrote my more serious post I felt relief after just getting it out there. And then just seeing support from everybody really helped!


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