Saturday, May 7, 2011

Non-Run Saturday.

My arms are still a tad sore from Thursday's strength-training workout. 
The other parts of the body - not so much. 
Which is a sign telling me that I didn't work as diligently on those parts of the body like I should. 

I have to do my 3rd run of the week tomorrow.
I was going to do it today but ended up visiting a nursery and buying plants.  
When I got home, I plopped myself by the flowerbed and got those plants into the ground.  
I know myself, if I don't do it now, the plants will just sit under the carport and die. 

I planted some bulbs in it, but Paddy Wag got into it and dug it up.
Since it is kinda late to be planting, I just got some annuals and plopped them in.
Marigolds and salvias. Tiger lilies and coleus.
I'm not finished with it yet. Gonna buy some more plants to fill up the bald spots.
I'm thinking begonias.

We'll see if Paddy Wag will dig those up.
Kids - they just don't listen! 
Mother's Day is tomorrow. 
I'm here. My mom's over on the other side of the world. 
Gonna call Mom after this post. 
What plans do you have for Mother's Day? 


  1. hey, nice plants. i have no plant/flower powers at all.

    i did my long run today but i will be sending ur awesome running vibes tomorrow. good luck on the run and i hope it is pain free!

  2. I am doing some toning work today. I hope I am sore too :-)
    Plants look pretty. Hope the dogs leave them alone. More about my Mother's day on my blog later today. I do love my kiddos :-)

  3. i planted veggies in my garden this weekend. it's fenced in to keep creatures from digging and eating them

  4. I practically have a black thumb. We're still getting frost, so I'm waiting another week or two before I *try* to plant anything! Good luck with the run!

  5. Your flowers are beautiful!!! Love it :)

  6. Love the flowers! We planted some last weekend, and most of them are doing well except the African violets. Oh well... we had a good Mother's Day. I did a 4-mile run during the girls' naptime, then we went out for supper at Mimi's Cafe. Yum!

  7. My mommy and I spent the day together. She cheered me on at a race. I love that. I always run better when my mommy is near by!


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