Thursday, May 5, 2011

Run of the 'mill

Rebuild Base Run #2 = 2.11 miles in 26:03 minutes
Location = Treadmill @ Y

I kinda cheated. I ran the first 0.5 mile, stopped, and went to a body-strengthening class for 45 minutes, came back down to the treadmill and finished up the 2 miles.

It was a run/walk kinda deal today. The knee was ok. I had a "feeling" so I didn't continue running but called it quits at a good stopping point.  Funny how one gets attuned to their body. I guess, not pushing it is a good thing today.

Busy with work again as I am trying to get the very last few parent conferences done.  I made a pot of Cajun red beans and rice yesterday on the Crock-Pot, which meant there's plenty of leftovers for today. It tasted really darn yummy. I'm not dubbed the Asian Cajun for nothing.  I didn't take a picture because, frankly, a pot of red beans just doesn't make for a good picture.

I guess the next run will be Saturday. :)
Wish me luck!


  1. You are doing soo good with listening to your body. Keep it up and you will be running marathons soon :)

  2. That's not cheating! Great job!

  3. thats not cheating.
    no worries!

    have a great weekend and good luck with ur run!

  4. That's definately not cheating! Breaking your run up into smaller increments is good when you are fighting injury. Keep up the good work and show that knee who is boss!

  5. Glad your knee was feeling ok! Good luck on Saturday!


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