Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Long Run + I hate expiration dates

Ran 4 miles/ 51:07 minutes. 
My longest, pain-free run since my half-marathon in New Orleans. 
I ran the scheduled 3.5 miles with some short walk-breaks (example: walk 3 trees and run a bunch). It was hot and humid. Yikes!
At 3.5 miles, this was what I had. 
I would be lying if I said I looked forward to this run.
In fact, I contemplated the run this a.m. 
Thank goodness I laced those shoes up and did it. 
Got out the door at 8:30ish and it was a SMART decision.

Once I hit that 3.5 miles, I walked for about 0.2 miles and took pictures of my girls.
 From left to right: Buttercup, Paddy Wag, Oso (a.k.a Bear, Sam, Sammie).

Then, we continued running because I figured that would get me home quicker and I needed some iced-cold tea to quench my thirst!

Here's a review of what I did last week.  I think I did kinda well on the athletic front despite being under the weather some.

This week I did 3 sessions of Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30.  My thoughts are:

  • I have a love-hate relationship with dumb bell flies.  5 lbs are too heavy for me to maintain good form and 3 lbs are not challenging enough. 
  • I usually feel a good little sore/burn in certain muscle areas, so that's great! 
I ran all of my planned runs: 2 miles, 2.5 miles and 3.5 miles.
  • Slow but steady. 
  • Sometimes discouraging. Have to remind myself that I should be thankful that my knee isn't hurting any more than it was.
  • I really miss running 10 miles and more.  It's funny how it takes so much for me to do short 2- and 3-mile runs but it's always exciting to run a 10-miler.  
I did well with my fruits and vegetables intake. Juicing is the way to go to get all the fruits and veggies in. I did spend about 15 minutes a day just picking up stuff around the house and throwing clothes into the washer. It's easier to do it the moment I get home instead of waiting until the very end of the day.  And for my 15-minutes of self pampering, I actually spent those time sitting outside with Paddy Wag next to me.

One thing I really hate this week:
  • Expiration dates - milk expiration dates, driver's license expiration dates, passport expiration dates, coupons expiration dates.
One thing I really love this week:
  • My Paddy Wag.  I never knew I would love an animal so much. I never had a pet of my own prior to Paddy - you know, the one that I picked out, the one I wanted, the one that I named, the one that I have had since it was a baby. Paddy Wag ... she has brought so much joy to my life it is unbelievable. It's like I can feel love with her leaning on me, with her sitting on my feet in front of me on the porch, her looking through the glass door at me and whine. Love.

This coming week will be quite something.
  • Paddy Wag will be getting spayed on Tuesday. I'm nervous. She doesn't know yet. Oh boy! I feel like I am "robbing" her chance of being a mother.
  • Continue with Ripped in 30 (week 2) every other day. 
  • Run every other day with 10% increase over this week mileage.
    I am trying hard to curb the running enthusiasm to prevent another bout of knee trouble.
How was your week? What are you loving or hating this week? Did you attain all your goals you set this week? What's challenging this coming week? 


  1. Congrats for getting your run in today and a good week considering you were under the weather

  2. Awesome job getting your run in. And nice workouts this week as well! Such cute pups!!

  3. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go. You're doing great!

  4. Yeah for pain-free running, that is awesome. You are very good in increasing slowly the mileage plus adding some strength training. Oh, I love the dog pictures!! They are too cute and I totally understand how you feel about your dog :)

  5. Great job getting your miles in! I had a big FAIL on a Sunday run, 3 weeks in a row. We got invited to a pool party and stayed there much longer than expected. So, lots of fun, but not the running I wanted/needed.

  6. Paddy Wag reminds me of my Flash. 100% pure love :-)
    Glad you are back running. We need to brainstorm ways to address the humidity.

  7. Paddy Wag - sounds like the cutest relationship ever! I just took my dog out of town with me this weekend and I loved it. She just stayed by my side and cuddled with me. Or napped on the other couch but fell asleep looking at me. We are such lucky mommies!


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