Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bad boys (and my good boy)

Today's run was quite a challenge in terms of execution.
Nonetheless, I got 3.5 miles done in 40 minutes.
I was sweaty! 
I was watching TruTV while running on the treadmill.
And Cops was on. Basically, it's a show about cops going after bad guys.
And the song that played was "Bad Boys" (or is it Bad Boyz?)
"Bad boys, bad boys,
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"
Yeah. My boyfriend already told me I have BAD taste in music. 
But really, I found a certain pep in my step when that song came on. :) 

I came home and fixed this salad. 
I already had "grilled" that chicken breast the day before.
Got a bag of lettuce mix, and threw in some sliced strawberries.
Toasted some naan for some carbs.
A very light drizzle of light Italian dressing and a light sprinkle of sharp cheddar.
Tasted pretty good. 

On other matters: I told my mommy that I weigh 300 lbs. And I have a huge belly that protrudes out so I don't even need a table to set my plate on. 
I have to make jokes like this to keep me somewhat sane when dealing with the entire body image issues.
I went shopping yesterday to get some summer clothes and "gifts" for people.
I came home and showed the boyfriend my loot outside his office.
He saw the clothes I bought for myself and told me basically this:
"I know it is going to be hard. But try your best to enjoy yourself and not let anyone's "fat talk" bother you too much. Just laugh about it." 


  1. I hope you can listen to that very smart boyfriend of yours.

    And I, too, have horrible taste in music!

  2. When I taught middle school, my students changed that song to FAN BOYS to help them remember words that you need to put commas with (for, and, nor, but or yet so).

    Boyfriend's advice is good, try to remember it :-)

  3. Keep your boyfriend's advice in mind, he knows you and loves you the way you are :)

  4. great job on the run.
    and yes ur bf is a smart man!!!

    and i also have bad taste in music...especially for running. lol


  5. Smart boyfriend! I have to say though...I HATE tru tv! Haha, my hubs loves it so it's on all the time and I can't watch another reposession show!

  6. I want to know what you bought!

    Smart boyfriend.

  7. Sometimes the "bad" songs are the most fun to run to!


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