Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things I Like...

I like my 3-mile run on the treadmill today.
Pain free again. 
Felt good! 

I just realized my last post was my 300th post. :) 
I like "3" - it's my lucky number. 

Ok ... the things that made me happy today ... 

Riding around with Paddy Wag.
 I took her to the vet to have her stitches removed. 
As much as I like driving around with her as my co-pilot/navigator,
I get "funny" about her hair/dirty paws/slobber.
So after our rides, I always vacuum my vehicle, Lysol-ed everything,
and cleaned the interior with some kind of detergent. 
Then, I'll wash the outside with some sudsy water.

So now, I have a clean vehicle.
It makes me happy driving around in a vehicle that smells like "clean." 

Watermelon makes me happy too! 
Especially when they are cold.  
I cut them with that "watermelon knife," cubed them and stored them in the fridge.
Can't wait to sink my teeth into these juicy babies. 

Lastly, I re-subscribed to Runners' World.
These came in the mail last Saturday and today.
I am not reading them. I am saving for them for my plane ride.


  1. Dog slobber grosses me out, too. They're lucky they're cute.

  2. Great run today!!!! I LOVE seeing the puppy pics. Mmm, fruit! I just had a handful of blueberries.

  3. Looks like an awesome day!! LOVE how focused Paddy Wag is in the car :) I wish I would have the need of cleaning my car after Lucky was in there :) When does your trip start?

  4. Paddy Wag looks like he is loving getting dog slobber and hair in your car! What a handsome dog. I think my kids and I can eat a watermelon a day in the summer. Yum

  5. i could go for some watermelon too! noce and cool and refreshing~

    great job on ur 3 miler! seems like u r back in the game!


  6. You have way more self control than I do--I try to save Runner's World for traveling and I never can. I want them straight away! I'm SO in the mood for watermelon now, yum!

  7. You would hate my car. There is dog slobber and hair every where. I think the slobber is from 2009 when I got SB. Yeah, I don't wash or clean my car often.

  8. Running 3 miles pain free is awesome!

  9. Wow! I wish I was obsessive about cleanliness. As it is, I just keep my house clean enough to keep CPS from taking my kids away and while I do love the look and feel of a clean car, I can't remember the last time I washed my car!

    Runners World is awesome, as you know. Too bad you *just* missed the Trail edition. Good stuff and travel safely.

  10. I can't get rid of my Runner's World magazines. I have every single issue saved. I hope this doesn't make me a hoarder. I just like them too much to say good bye!

    I love having my little Lady as my co-pilot, but she has to sit on a cover - and the back seat has a pretty towel for her to get her paws on instead of the seat!


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