Saturday, June 11, 2011

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

Reasons why I didn't run my long run (5-miler) today.
  1. I had already laundered my workout clothes and they are ready for my trip.
  2. Since I am taking my favorite tops and bottoms with me, I didn't have another favorite top/bottom I could wear to tempt me into running.
  3. It was hot.
  4. This small town I live in have been having its annual small-town festival since Thursday night. 
    The Y is in the middle of the town. The time I would go run at the Y coincided with the small-town festival 5K and parade and traffic.
  5. I could have ran the 5K. But I'm too cheap to spend $25 on a 5K where I only paid $30 for a
    half-marathon. Besides, I have been buying presents to take home with me. So, plopping down $25 isn't really what I want to do.
  6. My boyfriend has a booth and kept the office's showroom open for customers. That meant I was helping out. That meant late nights, not enough sleep, and a lot of work to do. 
  7. I just want to spend every minute, every second with the boyfriend since I am leaving soon. 
I probably won't run Sunday or Monday either (See #7.)  I love running. I love shaving miles off my to-run list. Love adding miles to the thingy. But I love him just a tad more. So, I choose him. 

I plan on running when I am in Singapore. I have my favorite running tanks, bottoms, Body Glide, socks and shoes packed in my suitcase. I plan on walking with my mom at the park. I plan on doing a run/walk with my best friend. I plan on doing lots of walking. So, expect me to blog about that (and my fat-talk experiences, my culinary experiences, my travel experiences).

I am ending this post with a few pictures of the products we proudly make here in Arkansas.


  1. That furniture is beautiful! Don't you love how all small towns have their "days"?

  2. Don't worry about not running, it's just a few days and yes, the BF should be more important :)

    I LOVE the furniture!!!

  3. The furniture is really beautiful! A few days of no running won't hurt you. Cant wait to hear about your runs in Singapore!

  4. Really beautiful furniture! Can't wait to hear about your trip adventures!

  5. You have a Garmin right? It's going to be awesome to be able to see your runs in Singapore on Google Earth!

  6. Good luck with your trip and enjoy your time with the boyfriend :-) Stay strong in Singapore!!

  7. You will do plenty of running on your trip. Relax now and enjoy your boyfriend.

  8. Was that the Pink Tomato Festival? I heard about that!

  9. I agree that time with the BF may be more important than running. I hope your trip goes well!! I'm glad you're going to share the fat talk with us. Let it be therapeutic. Sorrow shared is half sorrow; joy shared is double joy. You are such an amazing person. I can't wait to read about your culimary and other sool experiences on your trip home!!!!

  10. First, gorgeous furniture!

    Second, don't feel bad about wanting to spend more time with your boyfriend before you take off for your big adventure. You won't see him for a while! I look forward to hearing more about your trip. Good luck. :)

  11. excuses, eexcuses, christina!

    hahhah just joking. i understand. # 7 would be the same for me. after not seeing my bf for a week, i was clinging to him yesterday like a bee to honey (or some other analogy that my monday morning brain cannot think of right now).

    i wish u all the best on ur trip. i hope that u can blog from over there. htey have internet in singapore, right??? hahah jokes! im funny this morning. lol

    ps. beautiful furniture. i love 2 and 4! just gorgeous!


  12. Eh, a few days off won't kill ya. :) I would be the same way!

  13. First - I like the furniture!

    Second - I didn't run either. I was with the boyfriend. And then went to be the annual festival and watched a parade. I probably didn't need to tell you this because subconsciously you had to already know!

    So you go to Singapore... and I go to Seattle! Have a wonderful trip. Share lots of photos with us!


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