Sunday, June 19, 2011

Twelve not-so-merry rounds

Today marked my second run in Singapore. I did a short 5K again at a small neighborhood park.
It takes just a little over rounds along the outermost perimeter of the park to make one mile. I ran 12 or 13 rounds .... That was quite numbing.

Being as boring as it is going round and round and round, my mind wandered off. Randomness, any one?

1. I arrived here on Wednesday a.m., so I have been here for about 3 or 4 days. But gee... It feels like i have been here a long while.

2. It's hellalously humid. I'm literally a walking glue stick. Yikes!

3. I must give "credit" to the temps. It's not quite as scorching as Arkansas.

4. Thank goodness that my friend's little sister... She found an adapter to let me use my 2-prong plugs. The power outlets here are all 3-prongs. Now, I'm charging it up!

5. I'm not a fan of the iPad. Love my iPhone, but this iPad.... Nah. I'm using my best friend's and it made me reconsider getting one.

6. Walking back after my run, I saw a young boy, maybe around 11 years old, sweating up a storm. I was glad to see him. Slightly proud because he is out there on a Sunday morning instead of laying in bed. It was about 8 am. Child walked to his dad, who started chiding him for not doing his best, for not pushing himself, for walking, for giving up, and told him he's useless(gasp)! I felt sorry for him.

7. I'm on the fence about Body Glide. I think it works and I give it an 8-points out of 10. My shorts didn't exactly ride up like they usually do. But I think my thighs... well... They are thunder thighs and ain't no skinny, twiggy Singaporean men thighs, so instead of riding up, the hems actually flipped upward.

8. Gonna get my hair trimmed sometime soon. Still gonna keep the length because I like my braided ponytail when I run.

9. I need to hydrate better.

10. I can't wait to celebrate Fathers Day with MY daddy. MY daddy! MY!


  1. I love your random thought posts. Keep up the "laughing it off" attitude because it really is laughable -- fitness is so much more important.

  2. Yeah, lots of little laps does not sound like the best way to go!

    Boo to that dad yelling at his kid--mission accomplished on discouraging him, dude!

  3. I love my Body Glide! It doesn't stop the thighs from rubbing, but at least it doesn't hurt when they do. Yay!
    What a shame about that little boy, breaks my heart to hear about his dad treating him that way!

  4. I have never tried bodyglide but I keep hearing great things about it. Great job sticking it out on the run of boredom that is alot of times to go around a small little loop!

  5. I love Body Glide! I use it on my feet and on my arms and that little bit of skin that comes out over the sports bra on longer runs.

  6. Good job on getting your run in. So sad to see parents discouraging kids of running because they don't exceed the parent's expectations. Parents should be supportive...

  7. I need to hydrate better, too!
    And when I got my hair cut 2 weeks ago I said we can cut of maybe 3 inches because I love my long, braided pony tail when I run!

    #6 makes me sad. I think if I were young and doing my best, sweating and trying and then someone was so hard on me, I'd just end up crying and quitting.


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