Friday, June 17, 2011

Stinky goes to town

I am having trouble getting an outlet converter to charge all my electronics, mainly my camera and phone and Garmin. so I still owe you people pictures. Sorry. I am having some problems getting to the Internet, so I havent been posting like I want to.

Prerun snack: a granola bar
Things I brought with me: handheld bottle, $5, ID, subway card, phone.

I ran my first run today (Friday) at 5-ish a.m.. It was humid. I ran from where I'm staying to my parents's place. I was too anxious to get started and didn't wait on the Garmin go start. I think that was definitely a 5K run. I took breaks while standing and waiting fir the lights to turn green. When I got to my mom's, I was soaked through and through

mom and I proceeded to walk for an hour at a park. It was quite good. We talked about random things. After our walk, I had breakfast with her, and took the subway back to where I m staying. Yeah, stinky me was taking the subway with the rush-hour traffic crowd. I'm sure they wished I had taken a shower or wiped off my perspiration. Oops.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Hahahahah; the subway people will get over it. :-)

  2. Perhaps being stinky is the way to guarantee you get a little bit of personal space on the subway!

  3. Don't worry about being stinky. I'm so proud you got out for a run during your vacation!! I always have a really tough time getting my runs in during vacation. Keep up the good work and enjoy your trip :)


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