Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey y'all!
A warm welcome from Singapore.
I landed safely and Day 1 went by really fast.
I have taken some pictures but I haven't figured out how to upload it with an iPad.
So I'll be working on that so you will have some pictures to see.

I'm staying positive. I have gotten the fat talk about 3 times, got touched on my belly a couple of times because they weren't totally flat,got asked the "Why are u fat even with all the running?" and a few other thunder thighs comments. I'm staying strong and laughed it off.
I'm doing good!

Will write again with pictures soon!


  1. Glad you made it safely! Continue to laugh off those silly, silly comments!

  2. Christina, i know u r a good girl and prolly wont say this to ppl, but you can think it. next time someone says something to you, in ur mind tell them to eff off! (look at me giving u bad advise and promoting swearing. dont listen to me!lol)

    be strong and smile. remember smiling is our favourite?? and anytimeu need to vent or bitch, just write on the blog.
    and if u need anythign else, email me. or you cna text me. i dont know how it works, but i can text with my friend in chicago at no extra cost. just letting u know.

    we are all here for u!


  3. Erg! Just remember you are freaking awesome and in fabulous, healthy shape! Those runway models might have flat (or concave) tummies ... but could they keep up with you for 13.1 miles? Heck no!

    Have a great stay!

  4. How rude and ridiculous! I always tell my daughter that when people have to make fun of others, it's because they feel so bad about themselves they feel compelled to bring others down to their level. Be strong!

    Can't wait to see pics!!! :)

  5. Laugh it off, laugh it off, laugh it off - and then go for a run! If the comments really start to get old (and the touching, eek!) you could tell them you're preggo. It'd serve them right (insert evil laugh here). Hope you have a great time! Can't wait to see your pictures as I'm a total armchair traveler.

  6. ugh, this makes me upset reading this. I'll never understand why the people who love us the most are sometimes the hardest on us. Please don't get discouraged and please keep your head held high. I'd love to see pictures too!

  7. Keep laughing! Have a good trip.

  8. Stay strong and know you are an awesome person. I am sure this trip will be difficult but you can do it!!!

  9. Stay strong, and stay positive!

  10. I know this sounds weird, but I MISS YOU!!! Sure, you still post, but I know you're away, and I miss you. :) I can't wait to see pictures!!! The differences between the two cultures amaze me. I can't believe you're considered fat, and I can't believe it's acceptable to things I perceive as rude about it. Is it just your family, or is it really just a huge cultural difference? It would be interesting to hear more about cultural differences where weight and exercise and all that are concerned!! Stay strong, and remember you are beautiful and healthy.

  11. Stay strong! Glad to hear you made it over there safely. Enjoy your time with them, and don't let it get to you. You are healthy and fabulous!

  12. You are beautiful and you are STRONG! Remember this!


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