Thursday, August 4, 2011

I ran. I answered. I drank. I am dog-sitting.

Last week, I was Sleeping Beauty.
This week, I am Princess Procrastination
After doing a bunch of I-don't-remember-what-I-dids,
I finally got my bottom to the Y and completed Week 2, Run 2 of my half marathon training. 
The run went well. 
30 minutes, 2.76 miles.


A number of you asked about my post on Icy Hot and mosquitos.
Did it work?
I think it did.
I think the menthol-ly smell kept some mosquitoes away.
But then again, remember, I was merely dotting my skin with Icy Hot and it was over 100-degree outside.
I had to re-dot myself pretty quickly because:
(a) I rubbed the Icy Hot dots with my clothes
(b) my perspiration washed it away


Triple digit temperatures are here to stay for a while.
I cut up a huge watermelon and juiced part of it. 
I added some salt into the pitcher.
That and the ice - it was absolutely refreshing!

Lastly, I have been "old man sitting" my boyfriend's aunt's black Lab - Limit.
He is on the left and Paddy is on the right.
He is at least 11 years old.
Paddy gives him LOTS of sugars. 
I don't know what to think.


  1. You can hardly tell Limit is 11 years older! You are doing soooo good on your runs - keep it up!!

  2. I love your comment - my perspiration washed it away...such a nice way to say you sweated it all off :-)

  3. i need to try that icy Hot stuff at the cottage next time for the bugs. Icy hot+bug jacket= no bugs in aneta's eyes and ears and gross mosquito bites on my legs and arms!

    and good job on yet another run! u r killin it!


  4. we're eating tons of watermelon too, one of my favorite things about summer

  5. Nice work on the run! That watermelon juice looks AMAZING!

  6. Nice workout! The watermelon drinks sounds pretty darn good. I love the pup pics!!!

  7. Great job on the run! Can you believe I've never juiced a watermelon before? It sounds delicious!


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