Saturday, October 8, 2011

Long run done!
Eleven miles in 2 hours 14 minutes or so.
Not bad. (More about that after my Paddy Wag update).

Paddy had her shots for nibbling on rat poison on Wednesday. Now, I have to give her two pills each day. 
And it turns out, she is having allergic reactions to those meds/shot.  So I took her back to the vet yesterday and got another shot and some doggy yogurt Bepto-like thing.  Poor baby! Sure hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Now, about the less interesting thing - my long run. 
The first six miles were done with Mr. J.  We have a usual 6 mile route and today, we ran that route in reverse. It seems longer and the hills seem hillier. It seems safer because we ran four miles in the dark on road with a wider shoulder. The last 2 or so were on a road with no shoulder and we had to occasionally hop onto the grass. I coughed many times during the run. Mr. J finally said he was able to only do 6 because he might be coming down with something.  It's fine. I was more than happy to have company for the bulk of my run this morning. So, after that 6th mile, I said bye to him, went inside the Y, had a Gu, and hopped onto the treadmill. Ten was on my mind today. I wanted a 10. But when I hit the 4th mile on the treadmill, I decided to go that extra one. Eleven.
I was happy. It wasn't a fast, speedy run. But it was a good run. The run was hard in a way, but physically, it was kinda easy. I had Food network on, so that made it easy. 
I think I am kinda ready for my half marathon at the end of this month. :)


  1. Hey Christina,

    Good luck in your 1/2 marathon. It takes determination to do what you did today.
    It was nice that you were able to run with someone for part of the run too.

    I hope Paddy is feeling better.


  2. Look at you Ms Long Run! I think you are ready :-)

  3. If you can do 11 like that without problems then you are definitely ready for your half-great job!

  4. I have no doubts that you'll be ready for that half!

    Hope Paddy starts feeling better. Poor baby!

  5. You ran 10 miles and then decided to run an extra mile? Yea, you are totally ready for that race!!!!

  6. Woo, great job on that 11!! Sending best wishes to Paddy. :)

  7. Good for you to get an extra mile in, yes you are READYYYYYYY!! I'm planning on doing Little Rock in March! Will you be there?

  8. Awww.... Hugs to Miss Paddy Wag.
    And kudos on the long run! I am feeling extra pathetic because I skipped my run last night. You have inspired me! I have *got* to get a long run in this weekend.

    How do you get yourself up at the crack of dawn? That just does NOT sound appealing to me!

  9. You certainly sound ready!!

    Poor Paddy. First she has to have medicine, and then it makes her worse? Not fair. Poor baby.

  10. great job on ur long run! 11 miles is awesome. u r soooo ready for this.

    adn im sorry to hear about your puppy. hoope paddy is feeling better sooN! poor baby!



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