Sunday, October 16, 2011

The week in brief.

1. I had an orthodontist appointment earlier this week. Basically, he told me I am old, I have pretty teeth and potential for a pretty smile, but the teeth are all "jacked up" right now. Love his honesty! He broke the news: I need to quit chewing gum.

2. Day 4 - gum free. It's difficult!

3. Weekday run = 0

4. Weekend run = 1. Goal: 12 miles. Ran 4.6 miles.

5. Attended wedding of a college friend and former co-worker.

6. Bought 2 technical tees from Target at a steal! Check out the neon pink one below.

7. In bed. Sick. Cold. And hot at the same time. Big stinker!


  1. love the tee.

    i am also sick but off to work now. wish i could just hide from the world for at least 48 hours.

    good luck with the no chewing gum!

  2. I have a neon pink and neon yellow tech shirt from target (different style) and I <3 them!

  3. Ugh, enough with this sickness! Such a pain. :P

    And no more chewing gum?? That sucks.

  4. Well the shopping sounds fun at least!

    I shortened my run, too. This just wasn't a weekend for long running I guess.

    The gum thing - eek, I don't know if I could do that!

  5. I stopped chewing gum because of TMJ. It was hard but you can do it. As long as I can still have my coffee.

  6. LOVE shopping at Target, great price and good quality! :) I hope you feel much better today!!!

  7. Target has a really nice line of active wear. Go figure! So does Old Navy! Love the T. Thanks for posting. Makes me feel ok with myself for skipping all my runs last week.

    Gotta get back at it though. Carry on, beautiful Christina!!!

  8. Love the neon pink!
    Do you have a TJMaxx near by? I got a great pair of capris and shorts there!


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