Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Randoms

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thankgiving. The brain isn't working much today. So, here are some randoms.
  1. My Thanksgiving started on Wednesday lunch at my boyfriend's office. I always cook a Thanksgiving meal and we ordered fried chicken to share the beginning of a long holiday food frenzy season. I started cooking on Tuesday.   Here are some of what I made.  Not mentioned: green bean casserole, creamed potatoes and gravy and cornbread dressing.

Sausage rice and mushroom casserole.
It will be sprinkled with lots of shredded cheese.

Pumpkin spiced cake - just before it goes into the oven.
It will be topped with cream cheese frosting when it is cooled.

 And rolls. Hot rolls with butter.

2. I am feeling better with the cough. I still get into coughing fits, but it is manageable. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and did another 3 miles on the bike machine. Still feeling blah about the whole running outside, so I am sticking with the treadmill for me.
Running + mindless TV's shopping segment = winning combination for me today.

3. I have had braces for the fifth day now. It takes me 45 minutes for my nightly dental cleaning routine (not counting what I do during the day). The same 45 minutes it will take me to run 4 miles. 

4. With the braces, my food choices were limited to mashed potatoes and dressing and some mashed up sweet potatoes. Funny how despite the limited choices, I am still able to fill my belly up with too much food on Thanksgiving Day. And funny how even though I ate too much yesterday, I am still hungry today.

5. Did anyone go Black Friday Shopping? I am too timid for this kind of hoopla. I think I will wait for Cyber Monday.

Share with me. Did you go Turkey Trotting? Did you go Black Friday Shopping? Any Cyber Monday deals you are going to get? Did you run today? What are you doing with your leftovers?


  1. Mmhhhh the food looks sooo good!!! I had a great Thanksgiving lunch with my running buddy, it was delicious!!

    No Black Friday for me - I can't stand the crowds :)

  2. those rolls look delicious! i could eat that whole pan! hhaha

    no black friday for me, as we dont have that in canada! but i am going shopping this weekend, maybe some stores will have sales...i need a bathing suit for my trip!


  3. I did Black friday once like 10 years ago and vowed to never do it again. I would rather stay home.

    Sausage rice and mushroom casserole sounds yummy!

    i did a 5k and a mile race yesterday, had a great time!

  4. I may Cyber shop on this weekend but no chance on Monday. I did a little Black Friday shopping.
    That cake looks great.

  5. Those rolls look awesome. My husband's family doesn't do rolls on Thanksgiving. I'll have to bring them next year.
    No black friday for me. I hate getting up early, especially in the cold.

  6. That food looks delicious! I need to post some pictures of my pies.

    We did shop mid-morning after the crowds had settled. With the girls at their grandparents' and my car in the shop for a brake job, we killed a couple hours poking around and still taking advantage of good deals, but without the crazy people.


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