Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Random Musings

  1. Mondays after a long weekend / holiday seemed more dreadful doesn't it?  I usually don't have Monday Blues but today, oh boy, someone better drag me out of bed.
  2. Thanksgiving came and went. I had a good time visiting with family and not eating much. Guess what? Instead of gaining a pound or two over Thanksgiving, I weighed myself this morning and saw I was down 2 lbs. Must be the braces at work. The combination of food getting stuck among those wire and the inability to do an effective rotary chew made eating not fun at all. I am sick and tired of eating potatoes. I want meat. I want some steak.  I want to chew down on a thick juicy hamburger. I want to eat grapes.
  3. I went for an easy 3 mile run on the treadmill today. I was conscious of coughing, especially since there were two older folks walking on the treadmill next to me. But it was good to get the legs moving. It took me a while (45 minutes) to finish the 3 miles. But I actually enjoyed this mindless run. I just watched the news on the TV and kept running, sometimes stopping to cough.
  4. This week, I want to get in at least 3 runs and at least 1 weight training.
  5. My boyfriend is into wine making now. I can't wait to taste the first batch! 


  1. Good job on getting your run in. LOVE the fact ur bf is into wine making! Can't imagine any better hobby :)

  2. Down 2 lbs during Thanksgiving is awesome, nice work! Unfortunately, I think I found your 2 lbs and a few others probably! Bleh. The wine will be really fun :).

  3. Wow, down 3 lbs - nice work! Oh and i remember the days of braces and not being able to eat...hang in there. :)

  4. send some of that wine over to me!



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