Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is It Still Lean?

Wednesday randoms
I came home and played with Paddy Wag out in the yard.
We worked on "come" and "sit" commands, even with the neighbor's dogs barking up a storm.
I am so proud of my Paddy Wag because she followed her commands despite the distractions.

We came back in and it was already dark.
Time always pass really quickly when I play with her.
And nothing beats sweet kisses from Paddy.

Then, I headed to the Y and ran 1 mile, biked 1 mile, did a two 1-minute planks, did crunches on the ball, and attempted and quit doing ONE push-up.
Then I took my workout to the grocery store.
Never Go To The Grocery Store Hungry.
I don't usually get frozen dinners, but I came home with 4 Lean Cuisines.
I had this tonight.

(photo from lean cuisine web site)

Is it still lean if I have to eat 5 boxes of their frozen dinners to feel not hungry?
The taste of this dish was good.
They weren't too generous with the chicken chunks - about 6 pieces.

I am mentally and physically tired.
It is barely 8 p.m. and yes, kiddos, I am going to bed.


  1. I feel the same way with their portion, it's more a tease than lunch :)

    Good night,sleep well!

  2. Funny, I bought frozen dinners yesterday! (But I went with Amy's Lasagna).

  3. You and Paddy are so cute! Nice work at the gym. One Lean Cuisine is definitely not enough for me, either.

  4. Puppy kisses are the best! <3

    Haha and i feel the same way about Lean Cuisine - that is a snack size, right?! ;)

  5. Aah your dog is so cute! Im in your group for the xmas card swap, so hi! :) Fiona x


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