Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm on Santa's List.

 So I am finalizing details with this man here. 

Who's on his "Good" list?

What's on his list for me? 
Well, I kinda have to pay him some big dollars to get on the good list. 

This is just an el cheapo treadmill from Sam's Club. 
Has a 20" x 55" belt, 2.25 CHP Mach Z motor. 
Oooh... It's already in my  Santa's cart.
And I am debating on hitting the "BUY" button.
But I want to go pick it up.
Instant gratification. Well, instant as in 2.5 hour drive instant.


I wanted to impress two 4-year-old country boys during therapy.
We were talking about Christmas trees and how their mommas have Christmas "decowations" out and "Kwismas" trees up.
Me: I think I am just going into the woods and chop a Christmas tree.
Boy 1 and Boy 2 looked in disbelief, shook their heads and said, "Uh uh. You can't do that."
Me: Why not? There are trees in the woods. So I am going to get a tree from the woods.
Boy 1: Cos' "kwismas" trees don't come from the woods. They come from Wal-Mart.
Boy 2: And Fred's


Less fun stuff?
I ran another 3 miles on the treadmill today. 
It is kinda depressing, really.
I really don't care for Dr. Oz in the afternoon. 
And I don't care for the morning news/show for the area in the morning.
Why can't they play something trashy or mindless - like Say Yes to the Dress or something like that.
I would totally Say Yes to trash-tv.


  1. Trash tv is the best. I can't hear the tv unless it's crazy loud, so I watched Twilight about 2000 times from the treadmill.
    What kind of therapy do you do? Speech?


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