Monday, February 13, 2012

My Life's Random Moments (and a rant!)

It is Monday.  Anyone up for a list of randoms in my life?

1. Just ran 5 miles in 59 minutes. Was going to do 3, but I stuck with it. Mind over body.  The best part? The last mile was all hills, baby. I cranked the treadmill up and down to #5 and #1 for a quarter of a mile.

2. My arms (biceps, triceps, back) have been sore since February 1. Gotto thanks Dream Big Runner's Christine for her February push-up challenge. Misery loves company. P.S.: I just did another 20 push-ups.

3. I am slightly behind on my 20-mile/week goal. Need to buck up!

4. I have been helping the boyfriend at work on the weekends and in the evenings.  So far, I have used a real sander, a staple gun, drills, fed lumber through real big-man sanders.  I also shrink-wrapped wardrobes, and today, I placed putty and hand-sanded.  Not bad for a once well-versed city girl, eh?
The shrink wrap holder was heavy!
I literally worked my right arms holding the entire gadget upright
and wrapped it round and round the oak wardrobe. 

5. I cooked chicken briyani on Sunday. It's like an Indian curried chicken rice casserole kinda thing and it was SO GOOD! We had it for lunch and for dinner.
 That's the BOYFRIEND eating out of the pot. 

6. I like pretty things and outfits.  I think this outfit is cute. Love the yellow cardigan. It is something I can wear to work.  The kids love it when I incorporate colors or when I put effort into what I wear.
7. I always wear black with shades of gray. I bring city color scheme of black and gray to Southern country of blooming matchy-match colors.

8. Some people out in the world have unkind words and a not-so-pretty inside. I am pretty sure they aren't runners.  Also, I love it that people assume that my boyfriend is dating me because I am submissive and a push-over, or that I am dating him because I need him to be legal, or that I don't know any other American dudes to date, or that we aren't married because there's something wrong that we find in each other or that he is holding out for a better more-qualified girl to come along. Or that I came from a dirt poor, third world country. Yes. I don't have blond hair, blue/green colored eyes. And yes, I am a speech-language pathologist with an accent (what do you expect when I have Singaporean, British, and American influences in Singapore where I grew up?) - but that doesn't mean I am not a good speech-language pathologist. What I have is pride, honor, respect for myself, my parents who gave me life and brought me up, for my loved ones, and for my profession. I am what I am. I don't give a sugary sweet pleasant disposition only to turn around and be a total ugly, mean person. When I give people time, comfort, support, and encouragement, I meant it. And not everyone gets my time or effort.

9. Wow! Can you tell someone really bothered me? Nothing a run and a rant on my blog can't fix, right?  "... I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” Hebrews 13:6 (And crazy mere mortals at that).

10. Gonna go do some yoga to calm myself down. Accept, forgive, and forget with grace .....


  1. The wardrobes your boyfriend makes (?) are really cool, he does great work. I would think shrink wrapping would constitute as cross training! :)

    Gorgeous outfit, I do love the yellow!

    I know I'm pretty sensitive to what others say ... hope you got in a good run to shake it all off!!

  2. "Some people out in the world have unkind words and a not-so-pretty inside." I found this out with a "friend" I had to cut loose recently. Her negativity was bringing me down. I feel much more positive since I cute her out of my life.

    I like the outfit.

    Good job on the run.

  3. i like that yellow cardigan also!

    enjoy ur day! u r awesome. hope yoga helps!

  4. Hope the vent helped. People can be very ignorant.

  5. Glad you got to vent #8 with us. Always ready to listen.

  6. I would say someone did bother you, some people are just jerks. Hope you felt better post vent.

    Those wardrobes are pretty!

  7. Glad you got to vent to us... some people need to grow up, and frankly, some people just need to get out more. Hopefully you shook it off and are having a better week now!

  8. I'm a fan of the yellow cardigan too!

    Sorry about someone being hateful. Hope your week has gotten better since then!


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