Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Special

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
And a run is the perfect way to celebrate it, isn't it?
Come to think of it, I celebrate every kind of day known to man with a run.
Three miles on the treadmill. 
Ran the first mile on 5mph setting at 3% incline.
Ran the next mile at 5.5 mph setting at 1,5% to 2% incline.
The last mile was at 5 mph setting.
I stopped a few times to drink some water.

I was texting my friend some questions about vitamins.
She texted me her hibachi valentine's day dinner
A loving gentle way to tell me "don't interrupt my romantic dinner, lady."

So naturally, after my run, the most natural place for me to go to is the kitchen.
I whipped these suckers out like nobody's business.
Emeril has nothing on me.
I mean, look at those grill marks?
Yeah, you are mine, sweet valentine.


  1. Love it!!!! Dinner looks great! Congrats! I skipped the run tonight but I'm OK with that. I did 4+ miles yesterday. I'll be back at t tomorrow. Do you own your treadmill?

  2. Inclines...blech. Well done! Run some for me.

  3. Mmmhhh yummy!!! Happy Valentin's day!!

  4. Looks delicious! I ran in the morning, ate seemingly all day long with meetings at work, and was still starving for our chili and heart-shaped cornbread muffins for dinner. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. yum! I spent time with one of my Valentines....my treadmill : )

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog C! I like the way your celebrated your V-day!! Keep on trucking!!


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