Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Round-Up: Long Run and Good Food

I wished I have pictures to show you of my run Saturday morning. But they were blurry like this.
We ran out to the neighborhood I used to live. And out again to this highway. That was about 3 miles.
Along this highway, I counted at least 10 beer cans in less than a span of 1 mile.  Littering is bad.
But drinking and driving and littering?
Oh no!
Running Friend had it at 5 miles so we cut short our run and walked/jog back.
He said his insoles or shoes are giving him trouble.
It was a timely call anyway because it started to sprinkle.
I headed home and ran the remaining miles.
At 11 miles, I thought, well, I can do 12.
At 12 miles, I thought, well, I can do 13.
At 13 miles, I thought, well, I can do a little bit more to finish this movie I was watching.
That's it.
13.22 miles in the bag. 
I am proud of myself.

Sunday, I went to church to see this little sweet baby cousin get christened.
She had fallen several days ago because her 2-year sister tried to be helpful and picked her up the steps and dropped her. 
 I was just glad to be part of this sweet baby's milestone in life. 
I love my family. 

I went to the grocery store again to pick up not-good-stuff but rather yummy stuff.
There is reason for this madness.
Well, they are mostly for the boyfriend.
I usually just get one of those mini cones and will be plenty satisfied.

I came home and got busy with bread.
I made stromboli - kinda. 
This is made with home-made bread. 
Roll out the dough.  Place cheese, Canadian bacon, olives, mushrooms and a little pizza sauce.
Roll it up and let it rise a little more. 
Yummy mess!

For the rest of the dough,
I rolled it and made a hearth-kinda bread (whatever that means).
I like bread that looks like this instead of loaf.
Sprinkle some cheese, Italian herbs and seasoning.
Pop it in the oven...

Sheer delish!
I am about to open a bottle of wine and just read a book and enjoy the rest of my Sunday night.

Push-Ups: 15 (graduated from counter push-ups to girly knee on floor pushup and 1 real push-up)
Push-ups for This Month: 185
Push-ups Left:215


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend. And 13.22 miles! That's awesome!!! :)

  2. Oh man, you make me hungry, this looks so delicious!! Yeah for getting better at push-ups! I really hope I will continue doing those after February.

  3. Great run and awesome job on the pushups! Oh poor sweetie. I hate it when they get hurt but thankfully they are so darned resilient. Glad you enjoyed time with your family!

  4. Nice job on your improvements with the pushups! yay for progress! Great job with running 13.22 miles! I cut my run short this weekend, but in my defense most of it was uphill and I figure that makes up for a mile or two :)

    That bread and stromboli looks yummy! and all the ice cream goodies!

  5. Great job running 13.22! Sounds like you're making progress with your push-ups! I've still got a long way to go to get to 400 by the month's end.

    Glad you had a good weekend :)

  6. I want some ice cream! And stromboli. And bread. Oh dear. Sounds like a great weekend!

  7. Love the looks of that grocery cart!

  8. Great weekend! Looks like you got some yummy treats!

  9. 13 + miles....Christina.....nice work!! so proud of u! that is friggin awesome! great job.

    u keep posting pictures on facebook of this indian meal....can i please have the recipe? i drool everything i look at it. pls pls pls with a cherry on top!


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