Friday, February 17, 2012

You Want To Eat What?

Tomorrow calls for a double-digit run.
Eleven. Maybe twelve.
So naturally, I scarfed down some serious energy into my body. 
I asked Boyfriend: What would you like for supper? Shrimp? Chicken? Fish? Pizza?
Boyfriend: Chicken briyani.
Me: Really?
Love it that Boyfriend doesn't just eat the traditional standard American fare and would request
for curries, Vietnamese spring rolls, and wantons/dumplings for dinner.

I went grocery shopping again today.
Second time this week.
(not shown: milk)
Those pretzel chips are quite tasty - especially with hummus.
I go between the Fage Greek yogurt and Chobani. But it has to be PLAIN.
I also bought an 8lb medicine ball and two 5-lb dumbells.

All right, gonna go sleep early tonight.


  1. I recently found those pretzels and LOVE them!! MY fav is the blue package :) Good luck today! I'm heading out now :)

  2. I hope you're run went well! Haha, my husband requests some strange dishes from time to time too!

    1. Eeek....spelling mistakes bother me so I couldn't let myself leave the one above....
      Obviously I meant "your" not "you're". Ugh. Long day.


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