Thursday, February 16, 2012

Working Up a Sweat

Ran 3 miles in 35:35. Incline at at 0.5 to 2.0.
Push-ups: 10 after run
Push-ups for This Month: 175
Push-ups Left: 225

I have been participating in Christine's monthly challenge.  Last month's challenge was to run 100 km. 
I completed that challenge and was entered into a drawing. 
I received my prize today and it is a cute Sweaty Band with pink gators against a green background. 
Super cute. 
And I wore that today during my run. 
It stayed on my head the entire run. 
My hair is very fine and quite silky smooth and the back of my head is kinda flat, 
so I always have trouble finding stuff that will stay on my head when I run. 
Sweaty Band truly does the job. :) 
Look! It is getting sweaty already! 

Thanks Christine for the prize. 
And even more thanks for hosting this challenge. 

Tomorrow is a no-run day. I am planning on doing some yoga.
Saturday will be my last long run! 


  1. Cute headband! I have a sweaty band and it does work pretty great!

  2. my head is also shaped weird and headbands dont stay on my head...but ive never tried a sweaty band~

    ps. good job on ur run and pushups

  3. Love the headband. I have not found one that works for my head...maybe I will try one of these :-)


  4. The headband is super cute. Good job on all those push ups!!

  5. Cute head band! I've been meaning tp purchase one of the sweaty bands. Haven't gotten around to it yet!
    Great job on your last run!!! I gotta get a long run in this weekend too! We'll see how it goes.

  6. I have a weird head and never found the right headband, but was very surprised how well this one worked. Glad you like it and it really does look cute, especially with your dark hair! :)


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