Monday, June 4, 2012

This Is How I Roll

Howdy! First thing first, accountability. Here's how I fared in the area of fitness for the past few days.

Friday 6/1: 2 miles on the treadmill. I also walked some with Paddy Wag outside and danced with her a little.
Saturday 6/2: 1 mile
Sunday 6/3: 1 mile + walk to neighbor's house to deliver fresh homemade rolls.
Monday 6/4: 1 mile
June total: 5 miles

How was your weekend? I had the most wonderful weekend with the boyfriend. We actually took time to rest and relax. We had our meals at the table, we talked about politics and stuff in general, and he pop-quizzed me lots of math problems. That's the deal when you have an engineer as your significant other. We did problems on aggregates and percentages, and talked about the differences between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and discussed the difference between precision and accuracy.

Since I was home pretty much all day, I did what I loved doing.
I made some homemade dinner rolls from scratch.
How can something so simple tastes so good?
I even made a pan for my neighbor because her dad convinently mowed our yard.

And the perfect segue from homemade rolls is this picture ....
My bun in the oven that I have been baking for the past 17 weeks. 

I have been having trouble sleeping at night, trying to get into a the "right" position.
Any advice??


  1. FINALLY a belly picture!! You are sooo cute!!!! LOVE IT!!! You should start Baby Monday and post your weekly progress :)

  2. How cute!!! You look awesome. :)

    Do you have a body pillow? That was the only thing that helped me was to be able to snuggle it and boost the right parts into the right positions.

  3. Those rolls look delicious! Cute baby bump picture!

  4. omg! u look great!
    i have been a bad cyber friend. i did not know that you had a bun in the oven.

    this is wonderful! congrats, congrats, congrts!

    lets walk together instead of running. i am loving early morning really helps to clear my head!

    YAY congrats again!

    1. Set a day and I will "walk/run with you."

  5. Cute belly! I am jealous! I am 15 weeks and I just look chubby, no baby bump yet for me.

    1. I was looking pudgy for a while and a few of my coworkers weren't sure if I was just putting on weight or if I am pregnant. But they were scared to ask me. :) The bump will come. :)

  6. Congrats! I missed that you were pregnant.

  7. awww, you look beautiful. let's see, when i was pregnant, it seems i slept on my side with some pillow between my legs or something weird like that. good luck. you may not find a comfortable position until the rugrat is born.

  8. Love the beautiful picture of you and the bump. If you don't have one already, get a body pillow, I slept with about four pillows when I was pregnant.


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